July 2016 -Ferly Ikyos


looks like I’m late :blush:

I chose Dino Crisis2 for this challenge, a scene on the front gate of abandon facility in temperate jungle with coniferous tree , I hope I can make it on time.

Please don’t hesitate to give me some advance :bounce:

here my reverence


I’m lack in 3D Skills.
so I start with:



Nice start! And interesting photo. I’m curious - did you prepared this scene by yourself? I also like your composition. Here is a thought: why not to make this jungle a bit dirty? Leave some pieces of newspapers here and there (just make it older and dirty), add some scrap… And why not make this diagonal beam made of rusty steel? Rusty colors would be a strong accent in the overall green of the jungle. And don’t worry to much about making it on time. Just hit it as hard as you can. It’s all about trying again and again, and do it better every time!



thanks Jonatan, yah that was exactly as I imagined, but that’s not a beam, that’s a fallen tree, a huge creature comes out from inside the facility chasing a car and smashing the tree
I imagined some wreck car, fall leaves at street for rusty colors

I completed the basic scene

and doodling a next step


Dino Crisis, wow awesome. I remember getting that as a x-mas gift as a kid, brilliant game. Can’t wait to see this progress :slight_smile:


Nice progress Ferly. I hope you will find the time to take a few next steps.



hii Aaron
yah this is my favorite game :slight_smile: great you like my choice

hii Jonatan

not finish yet
I hope I can finished this weekend,
here my progress :

I’ll retouching some edge and fix the shape, I hope I’m not over do
do you guys have an advice ?


I’m done This is my final Proses:

This is South gate of Third Energy Company Research Facility.

Thanks for this Month self challenge, I really enjoyed this challenge like a journey to my youth memory.
Thanks for this Month self challenge everyone, especially Jonatan Cwiakalski Thanks Bro :slight_smile:


It’s been a pleasure! :slight_smile:
You did a good use of July. It’s a shame that at the moment I can watch your work only on a mobile (good resolution - 1440 x 2560 - but still…) but I like it a lot. Well done Ferly! See you in August :slight_smile:



Awesome job Ferly, really love the final result! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Aaron

Note that Jonatan, 1440x2560 more wide :wip: