July 2014 - Tamas Medve


Hi Guys,

The Sweltering Gate - Soo this is my first sketch and also my first MP image. My goal in this challenge to make an image use as little 3d as I can. I hope that I`m able to finish it :). The concept is showing a kinda hanging city in the desert for the human race who are suffering after the dust bowl has spread globally.

Good luck & have fun,
Tamas (m3dve)


I started to put together the clipart but soo much work is left :beer:


More details + dust cloud layer.


A very good job, I like it.



That’s mental !


Thx Guys :slight_smile:
Now I working on the city and I a changed a lot of small things but the overal feeling and mood is going to be the same.


City context render. I had to do some random context buildings soo my plan that I not going to use 3d elements has faild :hmm:


wip 04-05-06.


This is (not) my final entry but if I will have some time tomorrow (I mean today:)) maybe Im gonna try some other different color tweaks. I think, I achieve my personal goal on this challenge to use as little 3d as I can soo I’m happy :beer: and also thx for this challenge I really enjoyed it :thumbsup:

fullHD version:


With your idea and the story, I can feel there is really a such world. You also did some modification on the ship. That’s nice. Nice job anyway.


Thx Timmons for your kind words :slight_smile: !

I violate the rules with those changes on the “red plate”. I know it well but my goal wasn`t that to win this competition soo its fine :).


The Sweltering Gate /FINAL/

A few words about the piece:
My idea was to mix the old times with the future in a strange world where the cities are hanging in deserts. The human race is trying to survive the wars and the heat after the dust bowl has spread globally.

Tamas (m3dve)

fullHD version: