July 2014 - Robert Maschke


Hey everyone,

I’ll join the fun! :slight_smile:
So here’s some first ideas:


While your noisy patterns feel nice and the environments are interesting, there’s somewhat of a disconnect between the plate element and the background due to the perspective inconsistency. While the ship could be at a different angle to everything else, it would benefit the viewer to have something bridge the FG and BG. Try implementing a platform or something following the same vanishing points as the plate and then explore how to break away from that further away. It’s a tricky undertaking.


Hi Milan,

thanks a lot for the very useful feedback! I agree, the ship and the background really felt disconnected.
I think this is much better:


I plan to have some sort of an airstrip on the right bottom area.
Also need to figure out the lighting and architecture to get the “sense of unease” from the description.


Nice. I’m liking it a lot. And the colors you’re using too. I’ll keep an eye on it.


This is more like it! Keep pushing this idea. Love the blocky architecture and tone.


Hallo Robert,
Das sieht schonmal sehr vielversprechend aus. Probier vielleicht ein paar Oeffnungen, wie Loecher, in die grossen Strukturen reinzubringen, um mehr von der Umgebung zu sehen und ein Gefuehl davon zu bekommen, wie hoch oben wir sind.

As for the “Sense of Unease”, I added that line to give people some more room to maneuver and it is up to your interpretation, really. It could be anywhere between MegaCity1 and the cliff dwelling of the Eloi, as long as you hit most of the other notes.

Viel Spass und viel Glueck.


Thank you guys a lot for the feedback!

      Hi Milan, ich habs gerade erst gecheckt dass Du deutsch sprichst. :cool:
      Danke für das super feedback! Ich gebe dir vollkommen recht, vieles davon fließt in die Arbeit mit ein.
      I'll keep it in english so everyone can follow along. Also thanks lot for making the description more clear!
      Here's a little update:
       - Pretty satisfied with the lighting/composition. Will jump into detailing soon.
       - The buildings are just a rough blockout so far.
       - I'm going to model a couple of different ones with more detail before I start with the final matte painting.
      - Aircrafts are also placeholders, will be replaced with more futuristic ones.
[Full resoultion](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FB2bmaGGbjA/U8ke7aTASYI/AAAAAAAAAG4/nQBmFBhYrTg/s1600/DMP_minichallenge_07.jpg)
     [Full resolution](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ihNwk3PnsZw/U8ke5MxVtiI/AAAAAAAAAGw/gylu3ZCVPbQ/s1600/DMP_minichallenge_07_b.jpg)


Yeah, I come from the SciFi centre of the Universe: Karlsruhe
Really dig where you’re taking this vision but I’d still love to see some sort of opening to suggest how high up we are and stuff…


Really, i think you work is awesome. However, i can’t understand why would some crappy old ship, would land in a dock filled with futurist and new aircrafts. And also, not just new, but, too different in style. Your part of the work still is solid in mood and feel, but, don’t have connection with the photo provided.


Hio Robert,

This is looking pretty cool! Although I do agree with Milan in that you should try to open up the buildings just a bit more or have some space between the buildings to see how high we are up in the sky (showing more clouds in the mid ground or so). The buildings are great. I wouldn’t worry too much about the aircrafts for now. Although the comment above isn’t as justified since you said these were place holders anyway, so no worry. Keep focusing on the environment first and foremost though. Maybe integrating some of the railing from the original plate and repeating that to the nearby docks you have on the right FG area too to really tie it in. Good luck on the entry, good stuff!


Great work Robert! I love how playful you are with these massive structures. I’m a little disappointed you didn’t choose this composition, it was my favorite.

In your latest progress, the image is tight all around and I don’t feel as much “awe” like I get from the depth depicted in this image.


Thank you everybody for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it.

I had some things coming up in between, so I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to work on this.
Today I’ll spend a few more hours on modeling, then jump into photo-bashing/detailing in during the night.
Time is running low. So I’ll make the best of it and probably have a couple of short nights and see what I can get done!

milanschere - Thanks again for the feedback! I totally agree with you and made some changes.

Rhesyuzz - Thanks! I understand what you mean. I already had some thoughts about that and will have some more rusty/old ships and building parts mixed with more modern stuff so the contrast won’t be that huge.
On the other hand I think it’s a nice mix to have a couple of old ships still functioning in a more modern time, so we get a more realistic mix of time span. Not like everything was built in one year.
Just like you can see an oldtimer next to a '90 Ford next to a 2014 Tesla on the streets today.

Ackdoh - Thank you for the helpful feedback! That’s some good ideas, especially the railing. I’m probably going to repeat some elements from the plate on one of the ships or in the environment.

Jamesepoo - Thanks! I totally understand your point, but that layout was really hard to fit with the plate. But I kept the image and will make surely make another image out of it.

Full resolution


looks good… you don’t have time first … finish it…


I also think that you’re running out of time and should just texture your models quickly :smiley:
You don’t necessarily need to design new jet planes. Possibly try opening up that circular hole and showing the wide open space below it :shrug:

Last but not least, make sure your colors and tones match :wise:

Good luck :buttrock:


woa. really cool shapes and design! I agree with suggestion Seema just made. Opening that angar hole, might be better and quicker solution.


seemaschere, saruman10del - Thank you for the feedback!

 As presumed I couldn't finish everything like I wanted. But here's an update anyways!

For the next challenge, I hope to find some more time and also concentrate a lot more on getting a finished, photo-real result.

 I'll polish this and do a little animation during the next weeks.
 Will update this thread later (or make a new one if this challenge forum gets archived).

Good luck to everyone, there’s some really cool entries! :slight_smile:

 [Full resolution](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XT-OJuwRF1A/U9rs5F9aTOI/AAAAAAAAAI8/9dznF5QnfUI/s1600/DMP_minichallenge_1080p.jpg)