July 2014 - Richard Cave


I am in, depending on work commitments,

looking at the perspective issues, I create a box now as part of my workflow, then it makes image matching a lot easier, in 3d software.

Looking forward to what happens,



Off to a solid start already Richard! Love the perspective lines.



stuck at the moment,

this was shot on a 6mm wide angle lens, at f2.0 at 1 1/1600,

trying to match the distortion on a wide angle as the perspective is not matching up as a single point. I computed the field of view Horizontal at 123.9 deg, Vertical at 102.7 Degrees with a diagonal of 132 deg.

I always encourage shooting for plate at 50mm, to cut out distortion, would you be ok to have

Distortion on the painting, or can I correct the plate to remove lens distortion?

I can paint it to eye, or I can paint it to correct. I need some guidance.



Still mucking about, finally kind of worked out the sensor and lens issue from the Canon C 90 used, this is me blocking in, not finalised just blocking,



Still noodling not set in stone as of yet, want to get this one done quite quickly, before work gets in the way.



Heyo Richard,

Good analysis! I shot this one wide already. And so adding the extra field of view would make it pretty wide yeah. You can undistort it if you like, do the CG and then go back to the original distorted version of the plate while distorting the CG. Although eyeing it to look ok rather than being super accurate might be better, as long as it looks good since 6mm is a really wide focal length to deal with.


Latest update, furnishing the scene at the moment, working on a fleet of airships and looking for good vegetation, want to make it a clean eco environment and there will be green on roofs, and the sides of the sky scrapers,

Doing it as a process certainly helps, really enjoying this, I was in Paris and saw what I think was the defence building fell in love with the negative space formed by the arch, so hence the arches here.

Looking forward to your comments,



still noodling through, trying to work out why my pen tool has gone funny, trying to put in hydraulic cables on the cranes, in the air dock, the airships are just place holders at the moment whilst I work out what to do with them, I am thinking of doing a chris foss tribute in some small form, I did a Chris Foss with the cranes, just to pop some colour in,

this is fun, working mantra is work big to small,

looking forward to your comments,



Your designs are very interesting. Try to keep the lighting consistent and match everything to the plate section. Especially since your base is 3D. Moving forward, also keep in mind that every structure, no matter how new or high-tech will have some weathering wear and tear. Keep it up.


Thanks Milan,

working big to small, going to do weathering as the last stage, still need to balance the colours to the plate, the plate has nil grain due to being shot at ISO 100. Still have some further elements to put in, the cloud area bottom right I am not sure about. it looks alright, but want some towers or spires to put in. Sorted the airships. Still photoshopping them at the moment.

What is it with matte painters, its water falls, and airships, we attracted to them like moths to a flame. Plus I need someone to put me in the right direction with regard to ambient occlusion not sure how to work out how much is too much.

Thanks for the direction, I am enjoying this,


update still playing with this, remodelling the airships, so they are more scifi, this is the slap comp so far, if you look in the top right of my photoshop is my new toy, Doco which is a asset manager for photoshop, have a look at it through google, a good tool for DMP work,

I have some design considerations, do I want both airships in? or have the one on the right nudging in like its parking.

Have fun, I am



Please, don’t put any waterfalls.


Oh man!!! :cry:


As promised no waterfalls, yes been playing with this, lots more to do. Some more noodling scheduled for the finer details,


No waterfalls indeed! Nice Richard. Don’t forget to light the scene like the original base plate, refer to that for the lighting/shadow of clouds and your CG objects. Also having just a bit more breathing room between the base plate and the middle buildings there would give it better flow as they’re real close to being tangents.


Honesty time, I dont understand what you mean by tangents,


Hello Richard, nice to see you again :).

I suppose it’s about buildings almost “touching” a boat from original plate. If I may add my two cents… I think walls of the building on the right are a bit too thin (in the cut area - there where airships comes). Well… at least I’m not convinced that they can handle all what’s above (unless they are made from ultra-SciFi-strong material, or all what’s above is ultra light).

In general - I like your vision. Keep it up! :slight_smile:



Righto Jonatan! Just a few of those buildings there are too close, give it a little breathing room, or you can over lap them but give them strong silhouettes using atmosphere or light.


OK will look at that thank you Jonathon and David,

might be slow on a update for a couple of days, I am on a dynamic filming course for the rest of the week.



Any updates? :wavey: