July 2014 - Riccardo Massironi


Those are some thumbnails that I’ve done for the entry one more is coming.
Not really sure about composition at this point.
I can’t feel the left side as ship!

More work on!


Here is one more thumbnail not happy with this result but like the color and the story, but look more like a port than cove


Hi Riccardo,

Cool explorations! I feel your first two cooler, blue thumbnails are more successful at the moment. I also merged your two WIP threads into one, and renamed it to be the correct naming convention. Please post all WIP’s for this month’s challenge in one thread. Thanks!


OK next post i will take allo thumbnail in one file and post in only one thread.
However I have a question (first mini-contest) so the contest will end on 31 of july?

Thanks for your hint!



Yes, at the end of the month, every month, before midnight Pacific Standard Time.