JULY 2014 - Pak Sivasen


hi Everybody , Hi David Luong
I’m newbie for DMP . i want to Challenge
Sorry I just see this Challenge :stuck_out_tongue:
My Eng is so bad but i will try it.
I come from Thailand
i love Matte Painting so much
In thailand it’s unpoppula T-T

OK … Now This is My Concept Please suggest me ^-^

Original + Sky Light

I want to make sci-fi theme and this is concept
i sorry i painting not good

The Next stap I will create 3D Geometry :wavey: :wavey:


Hallo Pak,

Welcome, and thank you for joining.
Hopefully, you can help us make Matte Painting more popular in your country.

What movies do people enjoy watching if nobody like photo-realistic environment work?

Your sketch communicates your idea well. Make sure you match the camera perspective when you render out your modelled geometry.

Looking forward to your update.


2 days ago . i have big problems
MY pc is down T-T

Today i plan new concept design without 3d geo because my new pc can’t heavy scene … sorry

this is new design i hope you like it ^^
i see original pic for long time in my head
Sea beach is answer for me
and the next i prepare all reffecence
Thank you.


Update Matte Painting and simply 3d geo