July 2014 - pairoj ponglednadda


Hi all,
I was delighted with the challenges. I think it will keep me motivated and creative thinking DMP
Starting I miss the big city with Situated high on a hilltop, Because the ground floor was flooded andAir can not breathe.

first step. concept art

Choose it

Try changing the color scheme

use photo retuch and mask layer

Be Right Back :banghead:


I came back . next step
Change composition. I wanted it to inclined But it’s too much

use 3d model for ship, Airship landing snd Transportation Of the Maya

next: paint texture and details

check light shadows details and remainder


final HD 1920X1080: https://www.dropbox.com/s/klx1dxm841cvuer/pairoj_DMPMiniChallenge_July%202014.jpg
look for the blog http://teety-pairoj.blogspot.com/2014/08/digital-matte-painting-mini-challenge.html

Hope you enjoy :beer: