July 2014 Niksa Babic


Hi all,
checking in,

started with a rough sketch (on paper), basic composition with layout grid>


Welcome to our first Mini Challenge.
Feel free to take a snapshot of your traditional sketch and plug it into your thread.


Update; started layering in background parts of the city and the sky. Defining the colour scheme, so far going for dawn-ish atmosphere…


Trying out the colours ‘just before sunrise’

and contemplating cloud cover positioning and colour;


Moving on to the next part.
I’ve started drawing cloud cover, laying in some initial shadows and port (‘cove’) elements.

Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

(for 1920px click here follow this link http://i.imgur.com/H3PPKmn.jpg)


Nice composition you’ve got here man :slight_smile: I do think the clouds and building sides facing the sun could benefit from some warm hues though, just to integrate them into the atmosphere a little more.


Well done! I really like the dusk feeling and how the atmosphere fades into the starry sky.


Thnx man, i’m in ‘adding flying stuff’ phase now, and i intend to match the final lighting and colour once all the elements are in.
But, non the less, since this is my first DMP ever, i’m gonna go for it. I like your advice, it makes a lot of sense :smiley:


here’s the result, along with some flying ‘gas stations’ to go along :slight_smile:


After a couple of weeks pondering, redrawing etc. i’ve decided to bring a different architecture in the play, something to go along better with the plate (wood, metal etc.).
Without much further ado,
here is a more final version;


few deveolpment scrnshts


few ref shots i’ve come across;


a few wip’s:
basic building greebling

hi-rise model:

platform detail:


Adding details, people, lighting, commercials, ‘neon signs’ etc.
Considering adding a superstructure to be just barely visible trough the clouds (in the upper atmosphere). Advice welcome.

hi-res here:


I had some difficulties loading the imgur link but it’s working now :applause:
You must keep your lighting consistent throughout your image :wise:
Maybe try turning that strong direct blow-out back off and remove the lens flare for a moment
After you have re-worked that, experiment with some texture overlays to lose the painterly feel and you should be done :arteest:

Good luck :thumbsup:


thank you for this.
i’m on it and will post as soon as it’s done


I’ve tried adding some texture to ships and infrastructure, also removed the (unnecessary) blow out and kitchy lens flare :slight_smile:

hi res link;


Awesome whales!



what’s a cove without a few whales?


Hi all,

GG, this is my final entry @1920px

(or follow http://i.imgur.com/44DGP28.jpeg)

and this is the link for the full-res 3840px version: