July 2014 - Manuel Fuentes


OK I found out about this amazing challenge way to late but hopefully I’ll have enough time to finish something decent and learn some things along the way.
Skyship cove1.jpg


So now I have the basic 3d geometry and lighting and I also did some color correction on everything. I will start detailing the models now, I haven’t done much sci fi work but I’m getting a lot of great inspiration from the other posts from the challenge.Skyship cove2.jpg


a little bit more details and done for today, tomorrow I’ll keep working on the buildings so they don’t look like plain boxes anymore. :slight_smile: all comments are welcome.


Here is another update, this time I detailed a little bit more the whole thing. I’m not sure what to do next so suggestions are welcome and hopefully I can do some more changes before this is over.


Here I did some more detail modeling, added some lights everywhere and detailed the texture some more, I’ve never done a scifi scene like this before so I’m learning along the way. all comments are welcome :).


Hey) It is looking nice.

My suggestion on pushing it further - try to separate objects like flying vehicles from background buildings by value, along with adding some atmosphere it should help to add punch to those overlaps.
Same goes to far away buildings, maybe making them less darker would help to add to the sense of atmosphere.

Keep rolling, man) Cheers.


Your architecture is brilliant :eek:
but I would lose the blown-out look with the extreme highlights :blush:

Let your shapes speak for themselves :wise:
They’re nice and creative :applause:


Here is my final image, thank you all who commented! its amazing what you can do in a couple of days of free time when you push yourself with challenges like this. Bring the next one! :slight_smile: