July 2014 - Leonard Monichi


Probably I will not have time to finish this, but had to give it a try! Just a quick concept, but I think there isn’t any main focus point yet, suggestions?!?


If you are hard pressed on time, try to keep it simple. As a concept, this works and it should be doable within half a day to finish it up. Maybe on a slow Sunday or something before the end of the month. Make some photos work for you and you’ll manage to finish it.

Good luck.


I’m pretty new with matte paintings, so half a day might not be enough yet :wink:

anyway, I did some tweaks to the concept to make it work a bit better, added some airships, take out one of the towers, etc. Fun!


You most likely don’t even need the ships :shrug:
Concentrate on the environment first :slight_smile: