July 2014 - Karlie Carpentier Rosin


I’m mega late on this but I figured I’d join for fun and get in as much practice as I can. I may not get very far but at least I’ll have tried :slight_smile: Any feedback is very appreciated! Will post my Perspective first (ps hi David! :smiley: )


Here are the perspectives! I tried a few times because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right for this image. But I think this is accurate enough?


Hey) Accurate enough! I am not good at this, but looking at other Wips, it is pretty much the same)


Hey hey!

Here is my first greyscale thumbnail. I will make another tonight but basically I really want to keep these giant crystals as my main architectural element, but Iwill explore some more modern additions to match a bit more the description. Also will play around with crystals on mountains vs not on mountains like just out of the clouds like the few i have in the middle. I will want to add the city lights type of feel to the crystals to make them seem inhabited like big expensive condos. Will post tonight but if anyone has feedback on these I already I appreciate!
(yah probably won’t get to all that in like 3 days lol but worth a try!!)

Thanks so much for the feedback on perspective :smiley: have you done one?



Very nice start and original idea, Karlie :love:
Looking forward to seeing more!!


Hi Seema! Thank you for your encouragement :smiley: will post more tonight after work


Hi!! I’m happy to see you here too! :smiley:
Definitely, your concept are nice. It is a good idea.
Courage for the next days, and Have fun Karlie. You can do it!! :beer:



Very nice concept. Scale and atmosphere, all working. Keep it going! Most definitaly it is possible to complete, just keep rolling!)