July 2014 - Henry Phaskov


The starting idea for a project.

Time of day (day, night) - basically?

As I understand it - the driving (supporting) the force - it repulsor or antigrav.
Which imposes certain restrictions on the form and structure.
Building, flying ships and others vehicles.


Well. Begin.
Created by city (dragged buildings from different projects). Combined perspective.
It turned out like this.


Made - small low poly air ship model ​​for the average plan.


That’s a lot of geometry and activity there. Make sure you have enough time to finish this environment within the given time restrictions. Good luck.


Your final draft must be delivered on or before 11:59pm PST on the last day of the month of the challenge.

Hopefully three weeks was enough for me.
Especially that part geometry will be “hidden” - clouds.


Some work plan of the city.

I select the background and clouds.


Next step


Small boat with test textures.

Then correct all jambs in Photoshop. And to draw pilots


Superliner. Related (by location boats) on the picture task.


Super Cargo Air Ship


Corrected light from the windows.
And the view of the windows themselves.
Use Normal Bump gave light depth.


Cool stuff! I’m really looking forward to see the big super airships in there.
Are you going for full textures on these or just overpaint them later in Photoshop?


Thank’s for feedback.

Full texture I will not do.
All the same, it is rather a conceptual matte drawing.
Just painted all these models in MudBox.

Actually this is the end step - 3D modeling.

Then comes the time for matte painting.

If time permits - will distribute layers in Photoshop and make an optimizing mask - rebuild all this scene in Fusion.

All the same, it is possible to create more interesting depth lighting effects.


Nailed the lifeless scenario! Reminds me of an 80’s director’s vision of the future.


While it is.

Now I’m working on the details of that “revive” picture.

City traffic.
Large ships - ships and container.
Huge building in the center it - port.

At the pier will be a pair of vessels.

In general, all the process.


Adding large ships.

I want to put a girl with an umbrella. On the deck of the ship.

Or right picture should not be “overshadowed” by anything?


Nice update and cool idea! But if I’m not mistaken, we’re not supposed to have anything in the plate/red area.


Due to heat-clad girl with an umbrella or a raincoat, can create the extra equipment emphasis on chilly weather.

Which are consistent with dense clouds covering the landscape of the city below.


Begin to study spotlights and urban traffic.


I agree, I think you’ve definitely hit the nail on head with the brief, looking great! :smiley: