July 2014 - Granville J. Collie


This is my first attempt at a challenge let alone a DMP one. Found out about the challenge 2 days ago and this is what I have so far. Critiques always welcome.

Can’t figure how to insert the image… Help PLZ!


This is my first post and first attempt at a DMP challenge. Has a good ways to go but let me know what you think.

Could not figure how to post an image directly.



Hio Granville,

I merged your two threads together, please post in just one WIP per monthly competition. To embed pictures, use the top middle bar with the picture icon to embed. Also note there is a file size limit on it so if it’s bigger than 90KB or something, it won’t post.


Okay great thanks.

EDIT - When I press the button nothing happens. There is no upload folder or anything. I’m lost, not sure if its just a glitch.


Do you have a different link? I’m unable to see your image :frowning: