July 2014 - Felix Higueras


Hi all, this is the concept of my project to participate in this challenge.


Hi all, this is the most advanced concept.


Hi all, this is the final concept for the challenge.


Hi all, works in progress…


A very interesting concept. Reminds me of Syd Mead’s work, or the work from Elysium. It would probably have to be fully 3D to nail the perspective and lighting of this. Looking forward to more!


Hola señor Higueras !
Nice concept… Lot of work on details ahead.

it looks like a job from some friends of mine in New Zealand…
take a look at the making of

maybe you can be inspired by this

cheers and good luck



Hi Norberto, the idea this was inspired by the work of “The Verge” I loved that job, it’s fantastic. Although this is rather a giant space station.


Hi David, thanks for the comment.

The idea was inspired by the work of Lightfarm Studios “The Verge” and also in the film Elysium. The city will be in 3D and the rest in 2D.

I’ll post more images of the work process.


Hi all, a new image of a little more advanced work, is a very complicated process.


As the ship is moored, I would expect it to be at a perpendicular angle to the tube. Especially if the cylinder is rotating in order to mimic a gravitational force.


Hi Milan Shere.

As the ship is moored?, well that depends on the imagination of each.


The description of the the challenge says that the ship is moored.

Regardless though, the ship and the painting should at least have the same vanishing point, and/or add a reference point where the ship can relate to the mattepainting or vice versa.

Else you would have that awkward feel that the ship or the painting are not in the same world.


Hi Eric.

In my proposal the ship is moored in a port outside the space station, large ships are not allowed to enter in “The Ark” that is the name of the space station. The captain may be waiting a lighter ship transport to take you to the city.

Is that possible?


That is possible. However you are creating an image that will go with your plate (ship) and not the other way around.

The challenge here is to create an image where all the elements work together as one believable environment. As of the moment, you plate is popping out of the whole picture due to the fact that the perspective lines don’t line up or there is no reference point to see that they are in the same environment.

I hope I make sense…



Thanks for the info Eric.

I will try to ship this in the same environment


Work in Progress…

I’m working on the perspective, and transform the red guy in the captain.


Hi all.

What is the final image format, jpg, tif, tga?


Hello everyone.

This is my job for the challenge, I hope you like it.


Well done, Felix! The progression from your most recent WIP to your final piece is astounding. I think the saturation, flares and ships added a lot of style to this particular concept.


Thank you Dave

It was hard work, but very fun to do and participate in the challenge.