July 2014 - Didier Konings


Today I hope I have time to start with "Concept:.
I am really exited and looking forward to begin…

Thanks for opening this contest guys!

Didier Konings


Allo Didier,

Welcome to the challenge, and looking forward to your work!




Are you planning to repeat the same shape or was this just to quickly get your concept across. Both fine with me, just asking.


Hi Milan!

Thanks for your question.
The general idea is to create a sense of depth in the scene by repeating this same shape.
But ofcource when I am going to push this idea, I will add a lot of different parts and details on each shape. Hopefully this answers your question.

Do you have some other thoughts about the Concept?

Thanks Milan!



Great idea and mood feeling!


Hey Thanks! There will be an update soon… I am pushing this forward at the moment.
Thanks for showing your CV its looking great!!


Heey Guys! A new WIP version… :arteest:
Please let me know what you think or if you have any thoughts…



My concept is ready. At the moment I am rendering out my geometry in Maya.

I have put so much as possible story elements within my concept.

In the painting there are no people. I imagined myself that everything is completely silent up there.

Also I created places on floating docking platforms that where back in the time maybe crowded. Like viewing points, places to sit, public places etc. But now nobody is coming there. Completely abandoned. In the architecture you will find metal glass concrete. But a specially a lot of concrete and metal because these materials give the piece a soulless feeling.

In the upcoming CG version I also created details like railings and stuff. Something we regonize from our own world. The audience is familiar with the regular size of a railing for example. So that helps selling the sense of scale.

Really having fun with this concept! An entire world is becoming to live in my head allready. My goal is to now try to get somuch of possible of that inside my final Digital Matte Painting!


Rendered in Maya - Vray


Looks good! Especially I like details of docking platform. And about “sense of unease” - you definitely captured it in your concept. All you have to do is use DMP magic and put the pieces together. Piece of cake ;). You can do it!



Hi Jonathan!! Really nice to hear that the sense of unease is already in!Now working on the last steps… “The magic :lightbulb” ahah. Its coming alive at the moment but it still needs a lot of work.

Thanks for the support man I appreciate that. ;).


My final Image!!! Hope you like it :cool:


“The skyship moored beside a dozen other, high above the clouds. The captain took a long glance at the wondrous city below, already dreading the deep feeling of disappointment once his feet touched a solid structure again. Given the diverse mix of their capitol’s relatively modern architecture, enormous dwellings of glass, concrete and steel seem to be shaping the character of his least favorite sky port. It’s not a lack of grandiosity but rather that of its missing human soul which gave this beautiful place a sense of unease.”


I love this work…congratulations


Hey Azes thanks man I appreciate that! I really enjoyed making this piece!
In general there are a lot of cool pieces created for this challenge though.
Wondering who’s going to win!


Didier Konings


Didn’t I wrote you can do it? Yes I did, and I love to be right ;). Good job!



Was this one of the winners? (can 't find the list of winners anywhere). Should have been if not! Actually followed the brief and looks fantastic.