July 2014 - Bryan Foerster


Hi, I would like to send in some entries into the July contest but I don’t understand how to load a 1920 x1080 image at under 97k??? The requirements allow for a thumbnail size 80k image only, is there a way to actually upload a 1920x1080 image without providing a link to say Deviantart or Adobe cloud?


Thumbnail Submission number 2.


Hio Bryan,

Try using a free image service such as Flickr.com, Imageshack.com, or Photobucket.com if you’d like to post higher res images. But for the thumbnails, we don’t need to see the full 1920x1080p images until the final entry at the end as these are all just works in progress.


I’ve also merged your two threads into one Bryan. Please post all WIP’s for this monthly challenge into one thread. Thanks!


Hi David, thanks for the help!


I am providing links to larger images because I don’t see how any critique can be made on a thumbnail??





I think it’s not exactly clear that we’re as high up in the air as the brief says :shrug: