Jugeras&jubei, Joni Raso (2D)


Title: Jugeras&jubei
Name: Joni Raso
Country: Singapore
Software: Photoshop

a concept story that i have, depicting a - once slave race (beast creature) jugeras and jubei (my kids name) human who have by circumstance become friends. jugeras belongs to an ancient astig race where they were used as workers and were treated as such. in a revolution hundreds of years back jubei’s decendants helped jugeras to achieve much sought freedom. educated and taught fighting skills jugeras became a champion who devoted his existence guarding jubeis family. this is a quiet moment that they share watching extraordinarily rare flowers called white arteza.
this is my first ever post and my entry to M&S challenge. the challenge was really great. i learned alot from the threads.
roughly drawn on paper - scanned - painted and finished in photoshop. its been a while since i last drew and just wanted to get feedback if i still know how to draw - and improve (my first love).
i hope you like the piece.


Excellent work. Love the cool color ranges and draftsmanship.


I say 5 stars:scream:

I like it very ,very, very much :thumbsup:


Wow,this is a fantastic piece of fantasy art.Excellent.Vote.But i think the characters are so great and high detailed and the rest is a little mmmm… Please spend more time for the background-its an important thing sometimes…

Greetings Heiko


well done joni,dig ur piece since the challenge.the characters and the background colors are very well blend.wish u luck on the final judgement!:thumbsup:5* here!


:bounce: it turned up just as i expected! a very admirable piece!! 5 stars from me buddy!!


guys thanks for passing by my thread. after the M&S challenge i had a few tweaks id like to put in to really call my piece finished.

honestly. I MISSED-OUT ON A LAYER. but ill leave it up to you guys to figure that one out. you can see “it” all through my wips but isnt present on the fa.

ms@zx and calisto. great to see you hear. not that i have been here before. enjoyed your c&cs and really admired your works.

danielh68 & rawwad - tnx man. really appreciated
heiko wagner - yup. yup. yup. i know i could have done better but in most cases i also wanted the focus to be on the characters. a little more detail on the background would be ideal. tnx man.


joni, this is jeff.
nice work man. this is the first time ive ever seen your works like this.

you scare me sometimes.


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