Judith, Marta Dahlig (2D)


Title: Judith
Name: Marta Dahlig
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

“Judith” is my first personal piece in around 2 years of doing only commercial work. Working on this piece took me a lot of time: many hours were spent on thinking and composing it in my head, 40 hours of pure painting and a dozen hours for preparing the accompanying files.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 4 medium. I used photo and live references for inspiration and stylization. No copying whatsoever. You can view most here

Anyhow, since I’ve been gone so long, I thought it would be fun to prepare something special. If you liked the image, please check the following:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the material, any comments/crits will be most appreciated.

PS. Please bare with me on the resubmit, I was asked to write some more tech info on the piece. :slight_smile:


Marta, my congrats for the amazing work! I admire your art and talent! :thumbsup:
This piece looks so realistic…i like how you rendered fabric and skin. Keep up the great work!


Gosh. It’s so beautiful. I love it.
The texture of various textiles are done so beautifully. Love the lighting n mood too.
The woman made me blush. haha.


this is breathtaking pic amazin cool skin perfect face pillows carpet perfect job 5*


Marta, THIS is an absolute triumph of an image!


Hi Marta!,
Very beautiful work!i think this work will be your next award!



Masterpiece!Great job Marta…and I really enjoyed the videos.Thank you for sharing!:slight_smile:


no words!!! only:bowdown:


Absolutely breathtaking, Marta. You’ve really cemented your place as one of the best in the world at digital painting - I really mean that. Just an incredible attention to detail and a flawless technique. Phil


WTF???..very breathtaking indeed.Beautifuuullll.
Hop pick up my jaw and gone :slight_smile:


excellent details,… it’s wonderful work…:slight_smile: congrats!


Hey dude! this is an amazing work. Everything looks perfect to me…!.congratz…! 5*
Front page stuff…! :bowdown:


Marta, it’s so beautiful and all so tactile: her flesh, the carpet, the silk… I simply love it. The work through and the videos are wonderful too; it’s amazing to see rough blobs of colour transform into a masterpiece! Thankyou.


Amazing work from you:)I can say you have good style in all yours pictures:)Good luck


great! just can say it!


Amazing work Marta! Textures, fabrics, colors are great! I like your work on the light and face! You are very talanted!:slight_smile:


Beautiful technique! Thanks for sharing! :wink:


Beautiful image, I love her expression and the fabrics are exquisite, the velvet looks so real. Congratulations! Its stunning.


hot :wink:


Wonderful work, Marta! You are great!!! :bounce: :buttrock: Thank you very much for your “walk through” file and for the videos!!!