jsCreature pdf


… from the pdf

Creating a “type” of node…
-Create a locator, add an attribute called “Creature” of type string.
-Select Create > Locator
-Select Modify > Add Attribute
-Name the attribute Creature, and make it type String
Now that we know that our “creatures” are actually locators with an attribute… we can type the following command:
ls -type spaceLocator;

…from the script editor
spaceLocator -p 0 0 0;
// Result: locator1 //
ls -type spaceLocator;
// Error: Unknown object type: spaceLocator //

Does anyone else get this?


weird… it used to be called spaceLocator, now it’s just locator:

spaceLocator -p 0 0 0;

ls -type locator;
// Result: locatorShape1 //



Thanks for the reply… also I am on a mac and am getting this when running the jsJointOrient:

// Error: string $cmd = "jsOrientJoint ì;
// Error: Unterminated string. //

I did a search and found what it doesn’t like… do you think that because I am on a mac that it is translating some of the characters??

proc jsCreateOrientJointCB ()
// define the command first. The command will take 1 input, either 1 or 0. 1 will mean Z is UP. 0 will mean Z is DOWN
string $cmd = "jsOrientJoint ì;

button -e -c ($cmd + ì 1î) jsZUpButton;
button -e -c ($cmd + ì 0î) jsZDownButton;

I mean, what is — ì 1î
I assume that those should be quotes…weird

ALSO - Why do you use Z up or down instead of Y up or down???



yep, it’s a string error… you can grab a working script (hopefully) at my homepage:


I used z up because that’s what we were using at work. convenience, really. works for backs! :slight_smile:


Cool, got it… works, thanks.

One note to others that are doing this tutorial… I had to enter:
into the script editor… instead of jsJointOrient, as the pdf specifies:

// Error: jsOrientJoint;
// Error: Wrong number of arguments on call to jsOrientJoint. //


yep yep, jsOrientJointUI is the right one… jsOrientJoint was only partway implimented & shouldn’t have been included in the docs.




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