JP's #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Day 7: iceberg


Thanks POSEIdOON!!


Loved your colors on the iceberg under water!


Thanks! I had fun with that ^.^


Day 8: aquarium


I really like the one with the fat Santa.
My SO said, I should draw a cracked chimney with the note Santa got too fat this year… well xD - I am still not sure if I should draw that o.o
The pictures with the water are especially good. One can see you like that topic.


Thank you Roca! That’s very kind of you to say! I’m actually following speedpaint prompts I receive in class and we had a bit of a water theme going on, but painting water is a fairly fun challenge!


Day 9: Cafe


Day 10: hotel lobby

I couldn’t just paint any old hotel lobby…


Day 11: farmer’s market

Turned into a speed sketch instead. I’ll finish this one day XD