JP Girl,Yuki, Vilean Isu (3D)


Title: JP Girl,Yuki
Name: Vilean Isu
Country: Taiwan
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi,This is my last year’s work.
The girl looks stupid.
The final mesh modeled Maya,textured with Photoshop and zbrush,Rendered on Mentalray,and ShaveHair+mesh for the hair


Woooow! That is so realistic, man!

I love the hair!

Keep up the great work! :smiley:


one of the most beautiful CG hair i have ever seen :argh:
did you mean Shave & Hair Cut ? :slight_smile: , didnt know it was that good with long hair .
btw , what path of the hair did you use mesh for :slight_smile: ?
really nice image !
the only critic is her eye and lip seem quite dry for me :slight_smile: .


one of most realistic cg human pitcures I’ve ever seen…


nice job ! i like it


nice modeling & good photorealistic i like this work


Too fearful, I saw myself in hers eye. :cool: 5 stars


great modeling and texturing!


nice hair, looks realistic


wonderful face and very nice textures.


great stuff man… i especially like the hair.

one crit is that i think you added too much AO in the eyeball area(hop you see and understand where :slight_smile: )…

keep up the good work!



Very realistic rendering, i love her expression; the only thing is the haircut.(personally, i don’t like it)


very strong work:applause:


pretty nice!


very reality for hair!! i like it!


very nice :bounce:
i like it


compliments the face it’s really great:applause:,
probably only the hair not very good.


Beautiful work. Fantastic!


I actually really liked hair. Can you please show some wires?

Excellent job


can i see a wireframe of the Hair ?? then i can believe that the Hair is 3d :slight_smile: