Jose Villafranca - Sketchbook


Thanks Jeff! I have a lot of free time lately so ive been spending more time on personal projects :slight_smile:



Its till a WIP. i still have to play around with the glossiness and the paint. Also wanted to try more skin colors.


Cool! I’m liking your titanfall work!
The ape could use some color variations in his skin? But as you said, it’s a wip :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice Miguel! i tried to add some more color variation, and also made different colored variations

Now i can finally continue on my Titanfall character! :slight_smile:


My progress so far. i sitll have to work some things on the pants like more folds and adding pockets and stuff. still have a ton of work to do :slight_smile: Let me know what you think.


build her out with more classical femine details to start you can make her look tougher later but right now make sure her shoulders are narower than her hips, get rid of the definition in the neck. Its a habbit of a lot of modelers to model in the anatomy or structure but remember for every muscle group that flex’s contracts the counter expands so you wont see the tricep and the bicep fully flexed stuff like that. Womens power is in their legs so take that into consideration. it might make it more interesting to give her powerful legs but weaker arms. take a look at hurdelers. The way I always propose and art direct to my modelers is to give their character one super power, whatever that feature is something else has to fall back. This will make your character have human quality not manaquin.

Your costume work so far is Kliller doing great there kneed pad backs look awesome. im not sure about the cuffs and bootom of the jacket but your following a concept so no sense spending time criting there. Belts handle a ton of stress and movement so give it history and weight to reflect that. not so sure about the shoulder pads as well as they appear to not really have support but again following a concept.

this is really good though keep it up and post your updates


Thanks for the feedback Travis! ive been struggling for a bit with it since its my first time doing a female Character so i really needed some help. i do feel it looking a bit like a mannequin ill try to fix that. Ill try and post my updates more often.


Update! I followed Travis advice and followed added a few more things. also i made a gun for her based on another concept art.
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Hey Jose, This character is coming along really nicely, your detailing and attention to detail are so well done.

Only thing I could think of to improve would be in the syfy gun.

I’m taking most of this design advice from Alex’s video on SyFy design

You’ve been pretty good with your bolt positions on your pistol so far, only thing I could say would be mindful of why a bolt would be somewhere. And even if you don’t have a reason for every bolt, I would say mainly just avoid having a bolt in every corner of a Panel.
Next advice I would give on Tangents. I just suggest you watch Alex talk about it, but here’s the highlights.

Tangents - 26:20
*A tangent is when 4 lines intersect in one point.
*Limit your tangent connections to 3 lines intersecting. "
*Avoid breaking your panels on ever edge.
*Offsetting your panel cuts and edges can help reduce the amount of tangents your model will have.

Keep up the good work, this model is looking crazy good, can’t wait to see where you take it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the awesome feedback Martin. And for the great video definitely helped me,:slight_smile:


Havent been able to work so much lately. but i finally started on the helmet!


Happy to see more work on this character. You’re really killing it with the hard surface work. Are you using Booleens for all your detailing? It looks so clean. Also how did you do the cloth part detailing? It looks so realistic.

Something I think might help would be to remove the seem on the top of the head. I think it pulls your attention up the face a little and think having the top plate one solid piece keeks your focus more in the center of the face.

Awesome work though. Love to see how this whole character is coming together.


Hi Martin!! Ive been poly modeling in Maya, i still use it for hard-surface and i feel i get cleaner shapes with it. The cloth detailing i mostly did it with the standard and dam standard brushes and also used a few alphas.

Also luckily that seam was just a Ctrl+z away from removing it haha. and youre right it does steal a bit of focus from the center of the face. Thanks for the help man!


Using Maya definitely payed off. You’r hard surface work is so clean. I always love your detailing, you make everything so realistic. Glad my tip helped :slight_smile:
Id love to see the full character with the helmet on soon. This character is so cool


Love the Material indication on the soft parts!


Thanks Travis! I’ve been trying to use the game models as reference for it to match and trying to make it look like it belongs with the rest of the game characters.


Havent had much time to work lately but i finally started on the retopo:


I almost had no time to work on this, so it took me a lot longer than expected but its finally done!!

You can check out more Images here: