Jose Villafranca - Sketchbook


So heres some of my work ive been doing for practice

Generic Zombie:

My take on the Metaluna Mutant:

Generic Dwarve:

Innsmouth dude

And Generic Orc:


This guy is from an old project that i never finished:

Recently i’ve been playing a bit too much warframe so i made a fan art, my take on one of the characters called Oberon


I had fun doing this guy before starting my next game character. I might retopo and texture this guy later one.


About time. :wink:


Nice seeing your sketchbook thread Jose :slight_smile:
You got some really awesome models in here and they just keep getting better. Mr. Bones is so cool, that hard surface detailing is super nice.


Haha, yeah. I don’t know why i hadn’t started one earlier.


Thanks! i should’ve been posting here from the start, ill start posting all my WIPs here as well. it was fun and relaxing doing the detailing on that guy haha


So i chose to do an unused titanfall 2 character concept as my next project:

I chose her because i really want to get better with marvelous designer. also ive never done a female character before
This will be my first ever female character, probably going to need all the feedback i can get. heres what i got so far:

if you have any feedback, id love to hear what you guys think :slight_smile:


Hey Jose, cool concept your going of of. One suggestion I have is that if you’re doing a female with all that armor and accessories on her then you should really push those feminine forms to make sure it still reads as female when all the accessories are applied and make her look even bulkier.

Some small things that I think would help with this would be softening out the shoulders a bit, pinching in the waist some, shrinking her ribcage and lats while making her pelvis a little bit wider. Right now the whole torso is sort of a square shape with the upper torso being a little wider. I would suggest reversing it (pelvis and lower half wider than upper half) you can even sort of see this shape difference in your concept, where her upper torso is thinner than where it gets to her waist.

Are you planning on having her face showing? I think I might know a few things to help with the face, but if you’re going to cover it up with that awesome helmet I feel like you don’t need to worry much about the face.

Hope some of my advice helped :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice Martin it sure does help! ill work on that and post an update. oh and yeah i want to show her face so id love to hear your thoughts on that as well!


Quick update:
Followed Martin’s advice and pushed the femenine form a bit more


It would be hard to say for the face precisely depending on what reference your using. Right now it just looks a little masculine. I would suggest fattening up the cheeks and smoothing it out. Also I think you could benefit from smoothing out the bridge of the nose and plumping up the lips. Also sharpening up the angle from the jaw to the chin would help.

If you post your reference I could try and help a bit more with specific things.


Hey Jose! I love seeing all my old classmates and friends post up in this sketchbook forum. I’ll definitely be following your sketchbook thread jose!

In addition to Martin’s comments, another cool trick is if you have a target model photo reference (actor reference, model figure reference, etc.), you can just overlay the photo reference over the 3D base and see if it’s working for you. If the forms line up at least the general proportions are working for you.

Keep it up Jose. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips guys! I totally forgot to add the reference for the face Martin. I always forget you can overlay images inside of zbrush thanks for the tip Michael!
Heres the reference for the face


Yea no problem Jose. You can also bring your Zbrush render in Photoshop and check proportions there too. Also, if things need to be adjusted, do a quick liquify pass in Photoshop so you can give yourself a plan moving forward. It’s much easier to push pixels in Photoshop than in ZBrush. I believe it was either Ian Joyner or Josh Herman that gave me that tip.

By the way, great reference to work with! Also, with the face, from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being stylized to 10 being photo-realistic, what level of realism/stylization are you trying to hit? You can reference a game, animation, or film title if you’d like.


Hmm, Im thinking about a 7 o r 8 on stylization scale. a game that i think is an 8 would be gears of war 4 although this is a titanfall character i think i would like her to look more like this. im also looking forward to adding material variety and working on clothes in marvelous. i really want this one to be a full quality character


So this week i couldn’t make as much progress as i would’ve wanted to on my character although i already started working on her jacket in marvelous and feel its looking pretty good so far! ill post an update on her later.
The main reason i didn’t work on her that much is because i was invited by a local college to talk about my work during design week This is something id normally say no to, buut im trying to say yes more to this kinds of things. ill mostly talk about the basics of content creation for games, and i worked on a quick character bust to demo my workflow.

This is the guy im working on


Pure sexiness!


Finally finished baking on my demo project, now im off to substance! after that ill return to my Titanfall character



Looking Awesome Jose! You’ve really grown a lot Lately man! :smiley: