, Jose Maria Andres Martin (3D)


Name: Jose Maria Andres Martin
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay


This is my last work. I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Modeled with MAX, rigged with CAT, UVs with UVLayout, adition of extra detail with MudBox, rendered with VRay and a little extra help from Photoshop. Final time working in this project 4 days.
I had the chameleon from another project (“Fireflies a light digestion” posted in CGSociety too), so was easy to start :slight_smile:

The style is kind of cartoon style. I didn´t try to get a hyper-reallistic look :slight_smile:

I hope you like it :slight_smile:



very cool work alzhem.
nice idea and nice work.
4 star from me


Nice work dude. I like the bump on the chameleon’s skin. On the other hand, The fly needs a bit more texture work in the eyes…they look really plastic. I know it’s a cartoon…but since you got a more convincing texture in the chameleon, then the fly looks less convincing.



WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IMAGE IS FANTASTIC!! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! very fantastic lightin, colors, modeling and composit. you its a beast in the world of 3d, and i think what have more lucky de know you. ALZHEM ITS THE BEST. ( in my opinion of course…)[b]



Thanks for the comments

jcsilvar: Yes, I agree with you. It´s a pity because in the original render (A4 300dpi) the eyes look more metallic but with this size… :sad: About the rest of the fly… the main problem for me is not the texture but the shape. It´s more cartoon than the chameleon but it´s hard to get a real fly with a kimono… damn! Live is not easy! hahahahaha
Anywa, thanks a lot for the comment :scream:

DuncanMcClaud: tú sí eres grande :bowdown: A ver cuando vemos por aquí esa peazo imagen que te estás currando :thumbsup: Cuídate mucho y tío… conocerte por messenger ha sido lo mejor!!! :smiley:


demasiado bueno.!!! excelente idea,muy gracioso…



Gracias M-Tune! :smiley:


Maybe the lizard could have two cartoon eyes ,that’s should be better:)


And some pictures of the wireframe.
Because of the deadline I didn´t make a proper displacement map. Also I saw MAX 9 could manage the 1 million polys of the MudBox divided model so… :slight_smile:


lioO: I tried at the beginning, but the chameleon eyes effect is not the same. Anyway… I´d like to do an animation of my chameleon and probably I´ll remodel it… and then I´ll try to do it more “cartoony” :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion

And here is the fly. The distorted fly was made to get better reflections. Unfortunately… the motion blur… :sad:


Buen trabajo colega!

Very nice work dude! =D
i like a lot the idea of a karate fly xDDDDD
maybe you should make more pics of it!



Super work!

Nice textures
strong fly !!! I like its cloth…

but the bump texture of the reptile skin maybe needs some scale on U&V…


JSein: I´ll try to do more pictures. I like it too :slight_smile:

islaSyr: in the references I got the scale was more or less like this, but it changes depending of the size of the chameleon… Anyway, for the next one I´ll check it

And thanks for the posts :slight_smile:


Very Fuuny.:wip:*****
keep up the great work.

Hamed katebi


Great idea man hehe…so funny.Cool modeling and render too.I like it so much .Good Luck.


excelente goooood man :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot “irananimator”, “fluvirus” and “MOZAZA” for your posts :slight_smile:
I really appreciate them :thumbsup:


Hahaha! Really cool idea and very well executed :thumbsup:


excellent work, as usual!
wonder textures & ilumination!
Siempre serás el maestro!


Thanks 1000 for your comments :slight_smile:

And Seirim… for me you´ll always be THE ONE. I´d love to work with you in the future :slight_smile: Take care my great friend, and I hope we can meet soon :smiley: