Jonas, Zbynek Kysela (3D)


Title: Jonas
Name: Zbynek Kysela
Country: Czech Republic
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi all!

Here’s my last creation, my goal was to do a realistic portrait in 3d and trying to make him look alive.

I did it using Maya, Mental_ray Zbrush and I used shawe and haircut for the hairs.

Hope you like it.


vey good work man :applause:


This portrait is so brutaly convincing :thumbsup:
congrats man :wink:


Very well done, but his forehead might be a tad small, even tough it might be possible, it looks weird.


very well executed dude ! i love it :wink: !

some wire please ?


If you told me it was a photo I would have believed it! Incredible!


Holy cow. Amazing work.


O.O!! AWESOME! and congrats :slight_smile:


WOW, it is incredible! Fantastic job! It does look like photo! I’m sure it gonna get through to CG Choice Gallery


Very real skin shader!! Front page!


Wow amaxing details be ready to receive an cgtalk honor


Unbelievable. I think he’s living in a perfect world. There’s no spot in the skin. Color is uniform throughout the entire model. There’s no stain in the shirt. The random lips texture looks unnatural. His eyes look very young. Maybe these are the reasons why it’s not shown in the front page.


please show us a wire frame and screencapture and my vote for an award is for you =)



i want 2 see the wire for this work pleas can up loaded the wire ???


Thank you for the comments¡

Uploaded with


Great work man !
very photo-realistic, good shaders and model :thumbsup:


That is fantastic!


Wow! Stunned!

Nothing to critic…except the bump on his shirt, a bit too sharp, exspecially on the left side.



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Awesome, skin is very very good, but fabric is even better, imo. Also, a CG portrait that pursues some feeling communication, not only realism…
I’m eager to see some wires, thank you.