Jolly Halloween, Cris de Lara (2D)


Title: Jolly Halloween
Name: Cris de Lara
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

This is one of my gallery’s favorite images.
I would like to create a sensual and sexy Pinup for the next Halloween. Something with a little “moviment” not static and of course a charming and beautiful pinup (not every witch is ugly and really evil). The small cats are to enhance the idea of simple moviment, like a natural scene and I like to put details inside the image other characters beyond the main one. I guess viewers can imagine other things more than the main action in my pinups.
I decided to work only with photoshop and I wanted to achieve a result like the old cute, delicate, classic and also sexy pinups from 50/60 ages.
Another thing that I would like to point is the background patterns I used, it was inspired in Alphonse Mucha`s style, I really love use patterns to make a better composition.
I hope you like a lot.


wow~so beautiful and sexy girl~I like her so much.


wow very nice, she reminds me of Rose McGowan from Charmed.


Great rendering, and the colors are great. I think the cats are awesome.

The hip anatomy looks kind of strange, however, making the weight distribution seem off. It was a clever idea to cross the leg over, though. Haha.


Really nice work,I like it,beautiful girl,and nice pose,keep the good works up~:thumbsup:


that’s a great pic. the chic is really seductive hmmm… :)))


Thank you all! :smiley:
Some details…


thats very hot and very cool


amazing work as always Cris :thumbsup:


Thank you Coragg and nekro!


ta amazing de novo ne uhaha fico otimo mesmo , e eu tenho uma pergunta, voce usa modelo real ou esses personagens que voce pinta são da sua cabeça mesmo ?


Pretty cool illustration…:thumbsup:


overall good work dude!


ratheesh300 = Thank you very much!
senthikumar = Thanks thanks thanks!
frebell = Thank you very much too! Sometimes I use models, sometimes I create from my mind… there is no rule… I love pinups anyway! :love:

(Eu crio as vezes com referencia de modelos outras vezes de cabeça mesmo, dependendo da cena…mas nao tem regra nao porque eu amo fazer pinups mesmo entao quando vejo ja to fazendo! ):love:


i forget , 5 stars from me !!!:thumbsup:


frebell = Thank you very much!:bounce:


I know it took some time to get uploaded right. Great job. 5 from me.


Really successful on every points.The girl is sexy the cat are “cute”.And you got the atmosphere you wanted .Woonderful as usual 5*


Hi hamburgerlar! yes…I had several problems to upload this image, wow…:sad:
But I am so happy now because people looks like enjoy the image, that I almost could forget all several difficulties :thumbsup:
I love to post my stuff here in CGS, I always learn a lot with so many wonderful artists and their amazing images!
Thank you very very much for the stars! :bounce:


Hi scala!
Thank you very very much! :bounce: