Joker - The Killing Joke (CG interpretation), Nduc (3D)


Title: Joker - The Killing Joke (CG interpretation)

Name: Nduc

This is a personal project.
The workflow was basicaly the same except the face texturing, I used projection from photos and completed it in Mari.
I sculpted a blocking it in Zbrush from a basemesh and projected alphas from XYZ for details. There is no rigg on him, just a blendshape for the other expression.
Rendered in maya/Vray. The hair was made with Ornatrix and global texturing in Substance Painter. I used Marvelous for the clothing including the hat.

I begun this character last year for training and I did a brake because I was not satisfied enough and took time to have fresh view. The main objective was to represent the Joker from Allan Moore’s “The Killing Joke” comic book as a realistic character without denature the original design. It was very challenging to make him more disturbing/creepy/mad and not ridiculous. I used a lot of references from particular actor faces to make his expression credible. . It is not perfect but I am happy with it.

I hope you will like it !


This is amazing! Duc… Any chance you have a tutorial or do you have project files we can study?


Creepy enough…mission accomplished :thumbsup:


Wicked cool… Very expressive and believable. Dope.


Wow that is disturbing definitely…very well done though. thumbs up


Thanks every body !
@Vincef18 Sorry I have not planned to make a tutorial, I am not a good speaker and explainer in english. Maybe some time I will make a live work on twitch but it would be a premiere so I am not confident with that. About files to study I don’t provide any of my work files to people, sorry.

Cheers !


WOW! So creepy!!