Joints go crazy on reload


When I setup my local rotation and save the file and open it back up my joints are all messed up.

1.Un-parent all joints
2.Set each joints orientation to 0 (not in the attribute editor, in the joint orient box)
3.Go to Aim constraint and reset the settings. Put aim vector to x and up vector to z. Set world up type to object up and type the name of my object.
4.Snap my object to first joint and move it over in x (I do this for each)
5.Select joint 2 shift select joint 1 and apply the aim constraint. (this step is repeated except for the ankle)
6.Then I re-parent the joints

Here’s what I get:

Everything is fine. Now I re-open the scene and here’s what I get:


I don’t really understand why you need aim constraints for laying out a simple joint chain. You should just position them in viewport using move/move pivot tools, use “orient joint” to make X point down the length of joint axis, then adjust joint local rotation axes (Y and Z) to your needs. You might want do some automation to perfectly position/align double knee, but not in the way you’re doing at the moment:]


I fixed it. I forgot to delete the constraint after I made it


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