Joints are acting odd, why?


Hey there, so I have a bear that I am rigging and weight painting. On frame 0 I selected all the joints and controllers and recorded a keyframe so all I would have to do is go back to the start and it would reset my rig. But now after doing some weight painting and return to 0 the front feet point down? I have tried to fix this a number of times by deleting all the keyframes, repositioning the joint and then creating keyframes again to hold the position, which it fails to do.

Any idea what is happening?


Maybe there’s an expression, maybe tracks are muted, can’t tell without more information.
Simplify the scene and post a file here.


Hey 51mon, I could not upload the object since it is a clients model. But I contacted Cinema 4D support and they helped me resolve the issue. It turned out to be a Priority issue that was conflicting.