Joint Rigging Book Cover problem - lines moving when rotating joints


I know this should be easy peasy, but I’m new to C4D and especially rigging. I’m currently using R16.

I’m trying to create a book cover. I’ve made my edges with the knife tool. I’ve added my joints. When I rotate my joints it looks like points and lines are moving, distorting the cover. I’ve also noticed that the “spine” of my cover goes from thick to thin when I rotate.

I’ve probably done about 20 -30 attempts at this over the past few days. What I’ve noticed is that the fewer lines I add around my joints, the more curvy the book cover gets, when I add Subdivision surface (which of course I don’t want).

Any help or suggestions on something that should be so easy, is welcome.


The issue is most likely a combination of cinema’s default joint weighting, which creates a soft transition/overlap between one joint and the next, and not having enough subdivisions in the area you need to deform with the joint. You can use the weight tool to clean up the weighting so the book spine joint does not have any influence on the cover and vice versa.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a shot