Joint Morph Tutorial


Here is a tutorial on making Joint Morphs using Modeler. It is the first part of a small series of tutorials on LightWave tricks and techniques.



Hi there,
thanks for the tips, it’s great!!
but do you know were to find the next step to this subject, linking facial Morphs using joint morphs that are linked to handles like joysticks in lightwave layout like the sample in your content file under Rigs called Chino, check the image.
thanks for the support.



I am glad you found the tutorial useful. Your setup is very interesting. There are so very many ways to rig an object after you have a Joint Morph made. So I did not go into it much more at the end. There are a lot of tutorials out there on rigging techniques, like Timothy Albee’s Character Animation books for example. There are some great plugins that do that like SmartMorph although you probably already know about it.


Hi there,
thanks for there reply.
Well the image is not somthing that I created, if you have LW[8] you will find it in the content directory, it is under Rigs/Chino
check it out, the joint morphes are linked to a control null, it feels great to animate with it, but I have no Idea on how to get it started or set it up, I was hoping that you know how to do that, or know a link to some tutorial about this subject :slight_smile:
thanks and keep it in mind if you come across it.
Big thanks for all your support …


I don’t know if this will also help but, there is an extensive thread that covers corrective joint morphs:

A plugin called Xtool was apparently received very high praise for it’s ability to manipulate points in layout and the points show up in the graph editor - thus you have full control over the automated corrected morph. The problem with other methods like joint morph + is that it seems to be also influenced by other weight maps.
I cannot find out what happened to Xtool since LW8 came out. It may have something to do with LW 8’s Edit FX being similar however Edit FX doesn’t show the points in the GE as Xtool does. If someone more knowledgable on this subject could chime in I would definitely appreciate it. Love to know what’s up with Xtool too.
BTW, Khalid, I love your work.:thumbsup:
Happy New Year.


Well, I finished my next tutorial. Beyond Quick Radiosity


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