Joint Dynamics colliding with floor


UPDATE: I resolved this problem.
I seem to be asking a question a day here as I learn. So in the photo you can see the raccoon tail is passing through the floor. I am kind of unsure what to address here because the tail has dynamics on it so it has free will to move around as the raccoon moves. Also I have hair on the tail, which also has collider properties. Then the floor which I added a Ridged body tag too.32%20PM

What do I need to do to have the tail collide with the floor and not have the hair or the joints pass through it?



Joint collisions are only to work when you use Dynamic IK for joints. You add the colider object to the colliders box under dynamic Ik tag, and change the radius settings which creates a force field.

Hair collisions are separate thing, you need to add a hair collider tag to the object that you wish to collide with.colliders hair and ik.c4d (419.5 KB)