"joining"? why? how to seperate??


hi, been trying to model some stuff in blender lately, so i was working on this “portal” (stargate thingy) and then when i had done the circle and the triangles i saved it, went to bed, and tried to model some more the triangles and the circle had joined, and i didn’t know how to seperate them, i went and looked in the tree thingy and saw that the triangles was one, and the circle was one, but when i tried to do something to any of them(material, scale etc) they where both affected… can anyone help me?

my guesses is that i probably got to seperate them by name and then select them by that or something… but i don’t know… HEEELP!!!



I don’t know that I understood you clearly,but I’m think that you should select all vertices of one object in edit mode,then press “P” and hit separate.After that,they’ll be two objects. :cool:


you can press L to select the individual elements.


Probably used alt_d when you made a copy of an object… when you do that, andy change you make to the original object will carry over to the duplicated object.


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