Joining two spheres in Cinema 4D


Hi guys, :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do some simple modelling using primitives this time (please see the Spheres-2 gif attached).

I want to join two spheres together so they they have a nice curved connection to each other. But I tried Boole and it really messed up the mesh, so when I applied hypernurbs afterwards, it looks terrible (see Spheres.gif attached).

Can anyone tell me how I can join to spheres to get the same effect as in Spheres-2? :smiley:



First thing that comes to mind is THIS plug-in;looks pretty awesome to me.
There is a VIDEO that shows just exactly what you’re asking for.

Regards, Robert


MagicMerge from Nitro4D gives a clean result 90% of the time.
When it doesn’t, you can always re-position slightly and try again.

It’s free, but I highly recommend donating to his cause.


You guys are geniuses! Thanks for your help!!! :smiley:


Magic merge is a very useful plugin. Nitro4d aka Lazaros did it again!


besides the great plugins out there, the main reason you can’t join these 2 spheres is the orientation.
You need to make sure the 2 spheres are aligned in a way where the topology is consistent across both.
Just rotate both the spheres 90 degrees so that the top face you.

Boolean modelling can become very easy if you pay attention to these details.
Sample file attached

Happy modelling



I agree, working with booleans is fun. But with C4D you have to pay too much attention to the topology and the orientation.


If I really get stuck for a solid weld. ZBrush is your friend.
Dynamesh for the boolean - Qremesher for retopology - Polygroups and Polish by features to refine.


The lack of a fillet option for C4D booleans remains a major headache. I hope Maxon will address this one day. In the meantime, IMO, NURBS programs like Rhino and MoI are still the best solution.


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