Johnny got his gun, Sebastien Sonet (3D)


Title: Johnny got his gun
Name: Sebastien Sonet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, ZBrush

This is my new image. c&c welcome :slight_smile:
Character modeled and textured in Zbrush, background modeled in Max. All render in max with mental ray.


Ιt’s very nice idea and very nice picture, kind of scary and depresing but i like it a lot…


Well, politically speaking, I don’t think that this will sit well with some people. Artistically speaking, I think your work is awesome. It reminds me of the movie Silent Hill which I thoroughly enjoyed. Excellent modelling and texturing.


Saw this on ZBC. I’m a fan of some of your other works. This one is very cool too.


[left]it is a tragedy … [/left]
Technically impeccable …
as said before, Excellent modelling and texturing .
[left]I like …[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]putain de vie[/left]
[left] [/left]



just Great…



5 stars from me :thumbsup:


Love it! Has a very scary feel to it.
But I don’t understand why ajsa51 said, “politically speaking, I don’t think that this will sit well with some people”. What’s the story behind it? Who does the character represent?


awesome work! it’s rare to see artists to go deeper in some meanings… very good piece my friend :thumbsup:


i’ve got the idea
nobody could imagine how much i am Amazed by that image 5 stars unfair for ur work
whole the elements of the image were complete


Really “Jacob’s ladder” !

Great work, i think the ironic touch of the tshirt and makeup works very well.
Looking closer, i notice that maybe the trousers should be more clearly folded : since its generally thicker fabric than the suit, it should be evident how is cut and folded…


great work !
bien class’ le perso !:thumbsup:


yes!!! great modelling, texturing and concept:thumbsup:


while this is HIGHLY offensive in my opinion and somewhat tasteless politically, it is technically awesome and really is a VERY well done model and render.

I would go into the politics but this is an ART site…so that being said, well done on the render.



nice tshirt :smiley:


very cool

Only thing I notice is the light source looks like it comes from the right but his shadow is on the right ride.


Amazing 5 stars for you :thumbsup:


I like this piece… I enjoy scifi hardware and themes regarding the far future, but I also like uncomfortable politics. With this image, I’m not thinking about the techniques involved: The poster, the t-shirt, the dude’s physical and mental condition - he’s in the pits and I believe he’s a representative. Tough stuff - Gus in California


Reminds me of characters from the joker’s army in old batman movies. I think it is also a very strong anti-war image. Very well done with lighting and textures!


i love ur work so much

it`s really awesome and scary

keep it up _^