John Locke - LOST, Eduardo Oliden (3D)


wonderful Modelling and Texturing


Great job Edu, no doubt.

Five Stars,



Nice Job

But it looks like you have attached the head to this image!!! how did you do it? can you show us some wire to help understad witch part is 3D and whats not, is it a projection?

thank you


Thank you for all your comments.

Robbiestyle: You are right abour the scar. I´m planing to animate him so I´m on time to include that detail. Thank you

mattia242, darkviews: Maybe you are right about the bump and it´s a little bit exagerated. Nice detail the thing about the reflection in the eye, Thank you :wink:

Rlloret: Yes, I´m planing to animate it. Now I´m working in the facial setup, so I´ll post the animation asap. Gracias por tu ayuda!

Here you have a wire of the model.

Thank you again!


its fantastic jooOOooob:scream:…


Muy bueno tío. 5 stars. :wink:

Un saludo.


really nice man !

it’s him for sure

a bit of work on the shader can stille be done but that’s already very good

take care my friend


really nice! His eyes are so expressive. And i love the lighting too.


I am a big fan of lost and this piece is spot on. I love the eyes and skin textures although the bump map could be reduced a little. ***** from me :slight_smile:


wow… it’s fantastik work…

great :thumbsup:



Terrific work mate:buttrock: , seems a tad too bright and should add John’s scar down his right eye


Very good work Edu. I like the modeling and the textures

Saludos y 5 estrellas para el Edu


very very nice job:thumbsup: _________3star


Good work a 5 star image to be sure, cant wait for more, :slight_smile:



Locke is my favorite :slight_smile: Cool hope to see an animation soon :wink:


is falling down of the chair

Impressive !! really ! Like a photo ! very very impressive.

Five stars for me.

How did you make him so real ?? textures ? lights ? How many path of texture did you use ?
An how many times did it take you for all the work ?


Gread work, I had a double take.

Actually to me the bump looks like real skin… DOF might need a little tweaking


Good likeness and fairly accurate model, but how much of the “realness” is from the texture and shading already present in the original photo? Your lighting scheme is almost identical to the photo. And the texture map looks like it was added straight on from the photo with front projection mapping. It’s even the same angle. I’d be much more impressed if you could do a render from another angle and the model was just as good. Still, well done.


Great face modeling!!


looks awesome, I dont think the bump map needs tuning down at all, The quadrangle in the eye reflection is noticeable, but so what, the render is freaking awesome. great stuff!