John Locke - LOST, Eduardo Oliden (3D)


Title: John Locke - LOST
Name: Eduardo Oliden
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, combustion, Photoshop, VRay

Hi all!!!

So here’s the last model I´ve made.
For those who don´t know he is Locke, one of the main characters of the TV Show “LOST”. I’ve modeled it with 3dsmax 9 and rendered with VRay. Background and final retouches made with Combustion.

Hope you like it


I would tune down the bump map on his skin, just slightly. A very minor issue is that, you can see the Vray area light quadangel reflecting in his eyes.

Otherwise very nice modelling and rendering I love the various colors, you given to his skin. Did you use SSS for the eyes?


I like modeling, look like him. just shading could be improved.
***** from me


Very good! It definitely looks like John Locke.:thumbsup:
Textures are strangely streched at the nose and DOF is a bit strong, but everything else is fine. Nice and realistic work!


Hi "sir"3dmind:

Amazing piece of work as always, he really looks like Locke, what can I say. :slight_smile:

Un abrazo gordo tío, cinco estrellas como la mahou nen.



Great likeness! No problem seeing who it is.

As mentioned, the bump and DOF is a little too much and could be toned down a little.

Also the highlight reflection in the eye is a little bit off. The background is a forest and his eye reflects more a square studio light setup. If you had a forest type of HDR image reflect in his eyes as well, it would integrate the character more with the background.

Overall top notch work! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


wow, i like it! very accurate modeling!



Superb work, men! I love the modeling and texturing.

Do you think in an animation?


Great work on this. Looks almost like real. One other thing that you might want to look at is the reflection in the eyes… if your outside your not going to get a box reflection. ^^

Keep up the great work.


Good work!! 4****'s the only element missing from locke is a bit of
AA (I would recommend at least 4X4)


nice model

A new great image added to the photographs world…


Very good likeness :thumbsup:, the lighting and the facial features give an ominous feel, fits the show/character well. NICE ONE!


It looks like John Locke but too much DOF and bump. And you have to change the reflections in the eyes. but great works!:thumbsup:


hey Eduardo!
Great Work!

Hamed katebi


Looks great! 4 stars.


Woooooooow. you have done a fantastic work. But i Don’t know why I feel there is something missing. But you know what, you desserve five stars.
and Jhon Lock i think he is the best character in this TV show. You chose the right character.

GoooooD Luck and keep it Forward.


Very well done, I agree with the guys about the shader, but the expresion, the look, the eyes, is simply perfect, you really got it…congrats…5 stars from me…


hi there :slight_smile:

great modeling and rendering ! i think you should add an extra oiliness on skin :slight_smile:

ps. next time make mr eko :smiley:


I’m all for constructive criticism, but there’s some serious nit-picking going in this thread. This is absolutely breathtaking modelling - the likeness you’ve captured is uncanny. It’s one thing to create a realistic human head, but to create one of a character most of us would recognise from 100 yards, and have it hold up to such close scrutiny - incredible. Truly remarkable.


actually the only thing i can say is, doesn’t locke have a very noticable scar under his right eye? It always sticks out to me because the actual actor doesn’t have this scar and i’m always amazed how real it looks on the show. great work man. I would have been freaked to attempt such a recognizable character but you did an amazing job. congrats!