John Lasseter to Exit Disney at End of the Year


Directors Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee are expected to take on added roles at Pixar and Disney Animation as
Lasseter leaves the two animation studios after having admitted to


It is an achievement to be fired twice from the same employer… Consultancy work? BS, just a way of not giving him a dishonorable discharge.

Anyways, I have a feeling that he will set up shop somewhere else. No matter his compulsive hugging disorder, he will attract a lot of talent if he did so. It would be a complete irony if he would go for all female crews and directors to promote female artists and storytelling., which Disney/Pixar are struggling hard to do.


Quite a disgrace. Seriously. Ed Catmull is in the hot seat for wage fixing, there is this creep walking around, so on. Why the hell is so hard for managers/seniors to keep themselves decent?


At least he isn’t coming back. We all read the articles talking about how that, at one point, was looking like a possibility. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but honestly, this is one of those cases where it should have happened MUCH sooner.


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I am not sure where your hatred is coming from masterofacid, crotalis, & Leonaaad, Lasseter was fired the first time for trying to improve the industry which was a mistake on Disney’s part that they decided to rectify by continually trying to rehire him before and during the production of Toy Story.
You are treating this issue with the contempt of someone who was booted for sexual misconduct which, after reading many articles about this is very unlikely and sounds like he just made people uncomfortable with his affection for his staff. The few times any sexual connotations are mentioned it is vague which makes it not so believable.
In fact, reading how he was “domineering” sounds a lot like he was sometimes a friend and sometimes a boss. The information in the articles seems like some staff took it the wrong way.
John Lasseter is one of the founding fathers of Computer Animation and doesn’t deserve to be ousted as anything less than that for making staff feel uncomfortable by his overzealous affection. If you read into the environment for Pixar, it’s not an evil corporation and does more than most companies to keep staff happy, and due to its investments in staff health and welfare, its insurance premiums are low.
You three are treating this like what Harvey Weinstein did; this isn’t that bad of a situation.