Joe Cabeleira-The second fastest trigger in the old west, Lucas Leibholz (2D)


Title: Joe Cabeleira-The second fastest trigger in the old west
Name: Lucas Leibholz
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

Finally a new post and this one in particularly is special to me, I´m very happy with the result of this illustration wich I made it without a crazy deadline
so I had the time to study and to learn a lot during the process
Thank´s to everyone in Technoimage for the tips, ideias and friendship that helped me so much
Thank´s to Sérgio Leone, the best movie diretor of Western Spaghetti style, specially “The good, The Bad and the Ugly” and your sensational soundtrack created by the great Ennio Morricone.
Here some detail

And here the making of


AWESOME!!! man that’s some crazy detail. love it!


This is amazing, man! i think it’s perfect to be honest. i love the character design, camera and this great history! :slight_smile:


Very nice picture my friend!

Keep it up :slight_smile:


great composition. I just love the perspective distortion, really well done. The rendering is top notch too. Great work man


I agree with the others, this is a lovely piece of work! I really like the extreme perspective, it’s one of those things which makes your image really memorable, which is a rare trait in much of the work I see everyday. The horse literally made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:


Hi my friend! this is very great work! I love the perspective and awesome color, wonderful detail and hehe, love the hourse very very much! Congrats my friend! Cheers


Beside showing great shading skills, you pay big attention to details.
I loved the horse. :smiley:


wonderful job!


Great concept and execution, my friend. Five Stars!!! :applause: :beer:


You deserve my friend. congrats for the frongpage :slight_smile:


Hey man! you’re a kind of myth! hehe
Congrats my friend, you really desirve it.


Geez dawg ! its incredible ! hahahaha


Congrats for the font page my friend!! already deserved it and award!! :applause:


totally awesome work man!
so well deserved top row :slight_smile:
Sauleta’s reference rules! hahaha



Haha! This is SOOOO awesome Lucas! Love all the details, and the horse expression it’s hillarious! Congratz for the frontpage! Really well deserved! (now it’s just wait for an award! haha!)


amazing work :slight_smile:


Quite the daring angle and perspective choice, although it’s pretty well done. Nice dusty and eathy color tones. I like the chaps a lot and the beams of light coming form the holes in the hat the most. I enjoyed seeing all of the steps you’ve added in making this, alhtough it got a little long after a while. It’s a pity that we can’t see the horse’s expression that well in the final piece at that size. Ah well. Keep it up. Great job.


desculpa o termo, mas que está foda está!

Congratulations! This western theme also fascinates me!
Funny, very well done, amazing!



I love the perspective and the design. W O N D E R F U L !