Jocelyn Cofer-Animation Session 11-Action Cut


Hey guys, this is my first time trying this. I hope I do ok. I’m just using the Packageman rig from Rigging 101 since my own character isn’t ready for animation yet.


another scad student I see… what year are you?


I am in my first year and this January starts my second quarter at SCAD. What about yourself?


Here’s a simple storyboard I worked on the other night. It’s not finished but the only frames I’m missing is one showing the burgler running and Packageman running after him.

My idea: Packageman is reading some threads on when he hears a noise. He looks around and finds a burgler stealing his tv, toaster, or whatever electronic item I can find a model of.


I have been working on blocking out the rough keyframes to determine the timing of each event. Now I will move on to animating each of the blocked out parts.

Here’s a link to theblock animation


I’ve started to animate the victim yesterday. I dont like how his walking to the side of the desk takes away from the emphasis of the pointing anticipation that he does. I’m pretty sure its because the guy goes into the anticipation two frames after he is finished walking. I have already pushed the frames behind the anticipation as far back as they can go so I’d have enough to make him walk to the side of the desk. If anyone has any tips on fixing that, please let me know. Today I will put in the arm movements for when he walks and I’ll continue to animate him. I might get to the thief but I’d like to finish the victim first.



This 100 frame limit is killing me! I have subtle things going on in the character’s faces but you cant even tell because it goes so fast! :argh: Are we allowed to have two camera cuts? I want you guys to be able to see the burgler’s reaction to being caught and to see the rest of the victim’s reaction to the burgler. Please let me know if I can only have one camera cut. Also, I really need you guys to critique my work. This is just my second 3d animation so I really need some help here. :bowdown:


Last night I was about to suggest a different camera angle for after the cut, one very similar to the one you have now. I decided not to suggest something that requires so much retooling with the blocking though. But yeah, I like the angle after the first cut much better. I’d say you don’t need the second cut, but then the burglar probably blocks the view of the victem.

There’s still seven days left though. Maybe a little tweaking of the camera angle and the ‘mark’ the victem hits is do-able.


(victem? victum? victam? victim? none look right)


3.69:1 ?

So far I think all of it is reading pretty well… I think the second camera cut takes away more than it adds to the scene. I know it would be nice to get to see all of the animation, but maybe it would strengthen the scene to only see the vicims facial reaction to the burgular on the second camera angle. Maybe try a longer lens on the second shot to bring those guys a little closer to one another. It shouldn’t interfere with what you already have there.


You can only have one camera cut. It is in the rules.


There’s todays up-date. Thanks for the responses guys. Sadly, I saw them after doing what I have above. Tomorow I’ll get rid of the second camera cut. So much for the burgler’s goofy grin >_<. AWAKE, I think the longer lense idea is good, I’ll try that too. Rather than having the burgler look at his victim and grin, I’ll try to make him look like he’s thinking of what to do next since he’s facing the camera.

RaisedByWolves, I can’t get the burgler’s briefs to stay black and white >_< Perhaps he could be stealing the victim’s underwear as well as his toaster… :surprised

Thanks so much for the comments! Now it’s time for EarthSea! :applause:


Here’s another up-date.

Is there anything else I should do to the animation? I cant think of anything else to improve it. Do we post our final animation here or will there be a thread just for that?


No more comments? I guess I really am done then. Here’s the final verson:


A friend watched my animation and gave me some suggestions. I did what he said and now I have an up-dated final animation.


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