Jobs with Fusion


Hello all,

I am trying to decide what to learn. I am pertty good with AE and I want move towards more cinema compsiting.

Are there a lot of jobs uesing fusion?
Will it be worth my time to learn it?
Why not learn Nuke or shake?

Thanks for the help



Nuke: Excellent package, Shake is being, or been discontinued by Apple, so it might be worth while holding off, although Shake is an awesome package.

Fusion: There is a lot of places use Fusion, like any other package. Once you get looking for them, you will find them. have a look in the “Job Lot” part of the forum, as there is always comping jobs using various packages being placed in there.

Making your decision is purely your choice. What ever package you choose there will always be work for it. I suggest downloading the trails for them all, and see which package suits your paticular workflow.

I for one am looking into the Fusion course’s this term over at fxphd.

I hope this helps a little. :slight_smile:


depends on how much money you want to spend. Shake is dead but still a great tool and extremely cheap (500$!). Nuke is also a very useful application, depends on what you like more.

I personally want to take a closer look at Toxik 2008, but I’m on a Mac so Fusion and Toxik jump out for me…


Thanks guys for the input


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