Job Fair Is Brutal


JOB fair was kinda brutal. very un personal as opposed to how i imagined it. its basically the same as exhibit floor no one was looking at reels just throwing them in a BBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG BOX.

does anyone know what the color stickers mean at the booths. the ones thay put on the demo reels.?


That’s too bad… I was planning to go this year, and that was one of my big reasons. Last minute change of plans, but from that perspective it sounds like it might have been for the best. Hopefully you’ll meet some cool people while you’re there!


if I remember correctly the colored stickers are for the employees and you. I believe they put stickers on your resume based on if you have a reel or not or samples. And I beleive they also give you stickers. You find a job posting and then go to the booth and tell them I want you to give company A. my vhs reel, my resume and breakdown shot and company B. my DVD reel and resume. Then they put the appropiate colored stickers on what to give the company.

Like I said I think that is how it goes.



One of the big F/X companies here in L.A. received 2200 reels from SIGGRAPH submissions ALONE. So I’d expect that they’d have some sort of assembly-line initial processing/sorting for reels, out of brute necessity.


You poor bastards. Sometimes I’m glad I only do this for fun.


It sure is hell out there. I’m so happy I’m inside. :slight_smile:


Hey Miguel,

If I remember correctly, the colored stickers tell whether you’re a student, veteran, some experience, or a few years experience. I think it’s a more polite way of throwing most of the reels they get in the garbage, without doing it right in front of people’s faces.


Looking for a job at siggraph seemed kinda pointless, there were booths in the expo from the major film companies with people there to shake hands and take reels, but they were surrounded all day long by people walking up with there best five dollar handshake. I doubt anyone will really stand out too strongly in there mind when they talk to 400 people a day.


I went too. I could not believe the line for Weta!!! I don’t think it was a waste of time if you have a decent reel. It was good to hear from the horses mouth (yes even with HR people) when they were hiring and what they were hiring. I hate going by rumors.

And most wanted DVD’s! I hate VHS and am happy that DVD is becoming the standard more and more. :slight_smile:

good luck all!


Just to give you all a little heads up on Siggraph and the current trends of hiring at big studios.
Large studios on the exhibit floor are only looking for senior level people. What do these studios
classify as “senior level”? Senior level is someone with 2+ film credits. I introduced several advanced
or senior level people to a “studio”, but they were possibly overlooked because a lack of film credits.

I’m learning its not always about skills, but who you know and how many big credits you have.
Its unfortunate, but that seems the trend in this industry. HR people can’t always evaluate the
skills of potential candidate, but credits speak a thousand words to them.


i wouldnt entirely agree with that, i have something like 8 film credits & i dont at all consider myself senior. years of good film experience is much more important… if you got given 2200 reels it makes sense to first cut it down to those who have succeeded under film production circumstances before.

i dont think you can be classified as senior unless you have close to 6-8 years film experience. of coures there are exceptions, but not often. that being said i think that intermediate artists (3yrs+) didnt have difficulty attracting the attention of the companies on the floor…


I think I’m gonna be sick! I’m praying to Jebus that most of these were dillusional noobs!


I agree with you. Senior or intermediate based on credits is all theory. From what I’ve seen in the industry, credits do not equal qualification. Only my opinion:) One would like to see skill open doors for people. When it comes down to things, we aren’t rocket scientist. We make cartoons and pretty pictures.


How does a person get a job in CG with all those reels? I guess maybe I’ll be buying that book after all. :scream:


Posting Boards for info from people looking for jobs, at siggraph.

Boards for employers looking for people to work for them


One interesting note: This year was the first time I’ve had companies ask me for demo reels. I go for technical positions and in the past this was not expected. Now apparently that has changed.

/me looks up info on DVD studio pro…


47Gut thanks. That helps. I wonder what the most common requested positions were this year.


A few years ago I was on the demo reel recieving end for a Blizz***.
It SUCKED. [size=2]I felt like no mater how nice i was I was still a jerk. There are so
many better oportunitys for those that look for the uber small company to work for.
Film or games

please please please dont go with these big outfits.
you’ll get more for your time if you go with the small houses.

FYI. Video gams is just starting to look fo people with high res.
experience. (modeling/textureing/lighting) plus games is far more relaxing,
pays as much if not more. and you dont have to live in La or SF.

just some helpful advice from an old guy.


I wonder… did you have a media pass to get those pictures? :smiley:

well I kinda agree but I had a “little” chat with some guys at ILM and their words kinda gave me some hope :wise:
At least, according to the people from Animal Logic, not only the HR people look at the reel, but also the supervisors… that’s a good thing… at least you will get the animation supervisor to say “this reel sucks” :applause:


If by media pass you mean i had a camera in my hand, and was at siggraph, then ya.

Here’s some more i took, ive got ton’s