Joakim Hammarslätt - 3D sketch thread


Wow that detail work is pretty amazing!


Thank you! Chech out Daniel Hopfer if you want to find the guy whose work I borrowed for my alphas. He’s been dead for about 500 years so I hope he won’t sue.


Yo peeps. It’s finally time to begin texturing my alien knight, and I was hoping to collect some general feedback. So far I’ve only used the “Shiny brushed steel”, and “Brass” presets in Quixel. Followed by some oil in the cavities. So if you have suggestions for an entirely different metal process, I’d love to hear it!

The entire model currently sits at just below 14k tris.

The Leather is also default, with a base color and a lighter/desaturated color masked to the edges.

The blue wavy stuff and the crystals will primarily be worked and lit in UE4. I intend to play around with some water/liquid materials and emissive light. So those can be disregarded for now.

The gloves will need to be fixed a little, since their AO seems to have gone awry. (1 bright spot, with the rest being too dark).

Lastly the hood doesn’t seem to be workable at all. So I’ll have to figure out why. Its UVs are imported, but no texture sticks to it.

I’ll also attach my primary armor for colour reference. It’s from Henry VIIII, and any pointers to receiving the same deep blue in a PBR-correct fashion in UE4 would be great!


Hopefully the final update from the texuring phase.

After some overall tweaks on my workflow and material selections, I hooked up with my good friend whose brainbank of knowledge regarding materials and metals exceed mine. My old metals didn’t really make sense color-wise, so we switched it up and mimicked the colour of 650F heat tempered metals. The sort of green / tealish was picked because it was most alike my previous references.

I also worked on the leathers, and the ornamental designs on the armor. Rather than having the top of the decorations be more rough/less shiny, I reversed it, in order to mimic the oxidation which would occur by pouring acid / etching into metal.

The ornamental parts also received a whiter/ more neutral metal. In order to break up the greeness, and to emphaise the black oxidation, thus creating more contrast.

I’ll probably swap the golds to brass, since they are a sturdier metal and thus make more sense on armor. Following this I’ll work on the water material shaders that will replace the blue materials in the image.

Soon we’re done!


I feel like I’m reaching an end point here.

The renders are real time in ue4. Those who have followed along knows most of what I have to say about the project and the process. Any feedback is appreciated.


Time to revive the thread with a new project!

I’m still not entirely sure whether I should continue on the same thread, or start a new one, but in the name of not flooding the forum with threads I’ll go here.

This time the topic is a human traveling / questing mercenary. During the concepting phase I’m using reference from historical images, The witcher 3, Dark Souls, Kekai Kotaki and For Honor. This means I am currently more concerned about finding shapes and cohesive designs, and for that I dart around between art from the 3 games mentioned.

The images are in chronological order of design. So the first piece got hammered quite hard from a friend for being significantly too detailed for this phase on the process. Which is why the later pieces are significantly simpler. I also gradually refined the anatomy down the pipe. So the later entries will have better proportions.

My current thought process is to provide her with a water bottle, a rondell dagger, a scabbard and a bag containing a cup and a spoon. All these items tell basic stories of what a traveling mercenary may very well carry with her during travels. She also holds 2 satchels that currently serve as misc-bags, and they are more there to add shapes, rather than tell a significant story.

I’ll go about and create a few more designs in the coming days, but I figured a thread might be good in order to attract input and feedback early in the process.



Continuing with concepts. This one is less so about the original traveling mercenary idea, and more so about an established “dragon knight”. The idea sprang to me when looking at German armor, and the fluting on the armor left me with the impression of dragon wings.

To further emphasize the idea of dragons I searched for some scale armor, and found the GoT Kingsguards armor. I still want the gothic german shapes to be the primary influence, but adding just a little bit of scales around the arms and the hips are hopefully enough to take it into the world of fantasy.

Following this I went for a combination of spanish and french design. Not a whole lot to comment on here. I took 4 images that had elements of design I liked. I wanted a more nimble and agile feeling to her, so this design does not feature plating on the legs, and her arms are only protected by pauldrons.


More progress!


The eyes are a little crazy in BPR, but ignore them as best as you can.

I think it’s time to put an end to the concepting now and get to work on production.


Hey Joakim,
Really enjoying these concepts and how much thought you’re putting into telling a story with these characters.
I also think your simple base structure will be hugely beneficial for when you begin the production on your characters. Excited to see how they come along :slight_smile:


Whew. A good bit of work happened in the last week. I feel myself getting a bit slower at work due to revisiting proportions, being indecisive, and trying to figure small things out. I also dwelled into MD, and the gambeson is made in that software.


Update to the clothing


Keep at it,

The proportions are very possible, but I’m not sure if the current anatomy is what you are after. Post you references for anatomy too. I like the cloth wrinkles. Are you orking the cloth manually or are you using a software like Marvelous Designer?


Sorry for the extremely late reply @tyferrell!

I kinda fell out of posting here on CGS for a while, since it sort of felt like I was talking to a vacuum. But the anatomy was probably a little bit off, but a lot of that was fixed for the final presentation. There’s also probably a bit of funny monkey bizz going on with the FoV.

The two things that were done using MD were the cloak, and the gambeson. The pants, gloves and boots were all extracted from the basemesh’s topology.

Following that reply, It’s time to conclude this project about a young knight.

Throughout development time I’ve learned the importance of a bit of planning, and working non-destructively using masks, layers and morph targets. On previous projects it’s always been a case of doing things 1 or 2 times and then proceeding, only to find that things are not working at a later stage in the pipeline, followed by mental mentdown and emotional trauma.

While I’ve not worked things out perfectly here either, this project have given me some insight into what needs to enter the equation when iterating design, planning materials, and developing the necessary components to squeeze into unreal’s shaders.

A big struggle was juggling the face(s) between the viewport of ZBrush, the SSS and colours in Substance, and the final result in UE4. Especially the eyes which are a big part of the final look, and in this case they are uniquely developed with Epic’s shader in mind.

Following the conclusion of this character, I believe it’s time to setup a few smaller projects and reinforce some of the lessons learned throught this development period.



That’s forums for ya’ …you never know if you get a reply or two :wink:
Looks pretty good…definitely post references for critiquing purposes (or concept art).