Joakim Hammarslätt - 3D sketch thread


Wow that detail work is pretty amazing!


Thank you! Chech out Daniel Hopfer if you want to find the guy whose work I borrowed for my alphas. He’s been dead for about 500 years so I hope he won’t sue.


Yo peeps. It’s finally time to begin texturing my alien knight, and I was hoping to collect some general feedback. So far I’ve only used the “Shiny brushed steel”, and “Brass” presets in Quixel. Followed by some oil in the cavities. So if you have suggestions for an entirely different metal process, I’d love to hear it!

The entire model currently sits at just below 14k tris.

The Leather is also default, with a base color and a lighter/desaturated color masked to the edges.

The blue wavy stuff and the crystals will primarily be worked and lit in UE4. I intend to play around with some water/liquid materials and emissive light. So those can be disregarded for now.

The gloves will need to be fixed a little, since their AO seems to have gone awry. (1 bright spot, with the rest being too dark).

Lastly the hood doesn’t seem to be workable at all. So I’ll have to figure out why. Its UVs are imported, but no texture sticks to it.

I’ll also attach my primary armor for colour reference. It’s from Henry VIIII, and any pointers to receiving the same deep blue in a PBR-correct fashion in UE4 would be great!


Hopefully the final update from the texuring phase.

After some overall tweaks on my workflow and material selections, I hooked up with my good friend whose brainbank of knowledge regarding materials and metals exceed mine. My old metals didn’t really make sense color-wise, so we switched it up and mimicked the colour of 650F heat tempered metals. The sort of green / tealish was picked because it was most alike my previous references.

I also worked on the leathers, and the ornamental designs on the armor. Rather than having the top of the decorations be more rough/less shiny, I reversed it, in order to mimic the oxidation which would occur by pouring acid / etching into metal.

The ornamental parts also received a whiter/ more neutral metal. In order to break up the greeness, and to emphaise the black oxidation, thus creating more contrast.

I’ll probably swap the golds to brass, since they are a sturdier metal and thus make more sense on armor. Following this I’ll work on the water material shaders that will replace the blue materials in the image.

Soon we’re done!


I feel like I’m reaching an end point here.

The renders are real time in ue4. Those who have followed along knows most of what I have to say about the project and the process. Any feedback is appreciated.