Joakim Hammarslätt - 3D sketch thread


Hello people!

I figured it’s time to finally join the website now that I’ve finally replaced my former poor and dying laptop with a proper computer.

My current project is an alien knight. The idea is to recreate how an alien race would look during their equivalent of the medieval / early renaissance period. I decided to keep the body fairly human, since I want to keep it simple for myself when designing the armor.

Currently the leap from “some experience” to knight is a bit incoherent in my view. This post is by all means intended to be a sponge of whatever ideas you people want to throw at me. Thus far I have mostly worked out the body, and some skin details.

It’s a game art-related project, and I want 3 sets of equipment, that symbolise various stages of development for a basic RPG character.

If anybody wants to chime in, do paint overs, make concepts or just provide written feedback I’m happy to accept whatever you offer!

That’s it for my first post in the thread!



Nice work, this creature is looking cool. I like all the directional curves you incorporated into your forms.
How does this creature get energy without a mouth?
I think it would be okay to have a big jump from the some experience to knight because it might be a turning point in the game when the character finally becomes a “knight”
Sort of like in fallout, you have all this cobbled together gear, then once you’re brotherhood of steel you get nice power armor.


Glad you like it Martin!

Regarding energy, I sort of borrowed the idea of Protoss, where they sustain themselves by absorbing sunlight and moisture through their skin.


Looking cool! Digging the level of props idea.



Another update regarding the costume. I continued exploring designs, and realized that being a peasant is boring. So I skipped that phase, and am currently working on a man-at-arms, aswell as a knight. Below is the man-at-arms, with a few pieces of… alien plate(?). Not quite as fancy as the knight should be, but still fairly well protected.

I’m also trying to incorporate more sci-fi elements / cultural aspects in the design. While still using historical reference as a basis.



Minor update on the man-at-arms outfit!


These look awesome, nice idea too. Maybe to push it more alien you could mix up the materials they might’ve had available to them on their planet? Or perhaps they crafted metal slightly differently (like Damascus steel) - or they didn’t have any standard means of making fabrics like wool and cotton so they used something else? But they still retained the classic medieval shapes and colours? I think it could help add an extra layer of depth to your design, give it a shot :slight_smile:



Yes! That thought has crossed my mind, and it’s one of the topics I’d hoped to discuss with with a former teacher who’s very much into materials and stuff.

I do currently feel that the entire thing feels a bit too “earthy”, so to speak. But I cannot quite figure out how to change the seams and plate connections to become more alien. I hope to find a solution as I gradually build up my own knowledge of how the historical stuff actually works, before I get creative.

Or maybe the whole thing pops as I swap the gambeson’s material into some alien hide.

I appreciate your feedback, and I’m working on it!


Update time!

After a swedish fika / coffeebreak with my friend, I was once more reminded of how un-alien-like my design is. This, combined with a general notion of feeling stuck, I decided to step away from the “man-at-arms” design, and play a bit with the Knight’s design.

I feel like I’ve gotten a decent grasp at how the various plate parts connect, and even if I decide to completely abandon my former design, it doesn’t at all feel like I’ve wasted time. On the contrary, I feel fairly liberated in designing my current model, since I don’t struggle with articulations as much, and can therefore focus on the rhythmic part of sculpting and designing!


Hey Joakim, thanks for letting me know your plan for how this guy gets energy. I looked a little into Protoss and think its a cool idea.
Also I really am digging this new design for the armor, it feels very alien yet still Knight like.
I think just make sure that the plating of the armor don’t limit his range of movement. Right now it looks like the breast plate would collide with each other of his chest when the creature puts his arms forward in front of himself. I think giving it a banded form like that of a centipede body would solve that problem though.
Also I think it would be cool to emphasis the idea of getting energy from the sunlight and moisture of their skin. Right now the armor seems to cover up a lot of the body, so maybe adding holes or areas for light to get in or be exaggerated would sell the idea of them needing lots of energy.
Really liking this character idea, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Cheerios Martin, I replied to your feedback at the discord-server. I appreciate it alot!


Been continuing with the design, and added a scabbard, which should be accompanied by a rondell-dagger. I’ve been struggling a bit with moving forward since I don’t want to start adding detail until I’m happy with the general direction. But I am fairly happy with where I’ve ended up now. So It may be time to clean everything up and proceed with making the connecting hinges, and various rim-details.


Keep at it Solmeyer!



Been working a bit with detailing patterns the past two days. I was inspired by the elaborate etching on some historical armor pieces, and created a fairly simple IMM brush, with two patterns that I would alternate between. I like them because in my eyes at least, they give a fairly detailed impression, while not being terribly noisy or drawing attention. I’ll probably fill out some of the blank areas with a bit of custom etching later on.

Now It’s time to work on the gloves and the feet-lames and bring them up to par with the rest of the body!


Throughout the day I decided to create a clean-basemesh for the Pauldrons in Maya. I was previously working with Sliced Meshes with shitty topo, and in the end all the work-arounds were simply not worth the effort.

I’ve also sculpted a base design for the gloves. which I’m happy with, except for the fairly blobby knuckles. Furthermore, I noticed that the armor in general was a bit too loose fitting, which made him feel a bit cartoony. I tightened the armor and suddenly he felt a bit more realistic. Lastly I stretched out his legs, In order to push the proportions since he felt a bit short once he had the fairly broad armor on.


Now I’ve worked out the legs, and tightened up the gloves. The proportions felt a bit funny, and upon inspecting how well tailored the suit was, it became evident that he had a lot of wiggle room in the gloves.

The legs are not necessarily meant to draw a lot of focus, which is why I left them pretty basic. Also gives a place to rest, and I believe they’ll fit in better with the character once the outer-wordly plate materials are put in place. I’d love to catch some feedback on them though. If they feel way too basic, I can perhaps add a little flare, but when I tried a pattern design similar to the vambrace on the greaves, it simply looked strange.

Now it’s time to clean up the helmet, redo parts of the sword belt, add a sheath for a dagger and work on the primary weapon!


Woo!! The armor is excellent and the model as well. I can’t wait to see the finish, but im loving more the progress. Its like watching a movie to me.


I appreciate the kind words Whym!

The HP helm is more or less done, and I’m currently working on the primary weapon. You’ll all get another update once I have the weapon(s) in in a more presentante state!


More updates!

The helmet just needed a bit of clean-up, and was worked through fairly quickly. Probably just a few hours. Still has a few open surfaces, but I’m considering filling them with some knightly masking patterns.

The sword is more or less a space Montante / Spadone / Bidenhänder. The way I find myself working these things out is by firstly modeling a few iterations of the historcal items. Then I’ll browse pinterest and google for sci-fi designs. Once I find something I like, I’ll try and incorporate it into the historical model, and jump around, exploring shapes.

So now I’m fairly happy with the sci-fi-ness of the sword. It’s got a little of magnetism / metal manipulation, and laser / energy stuff attached to it. Now It’s just time to refine sharpness, and take it from clean blobs into something more interesting.

I suppose the final thing is to fix the swordbelt for his katzbalger, and space-rondell-dagger.

A part of me also considers giving him a poleaxe, since that’s more of a knight’s weapon than a greatsword is, but we’ll see. I’m pretty fond of the big sword.


Maybe it’s time to remind everyone that I’m still alive…

It’s a bit silent from my part primarily because I’m busy researching stuff for my materials, and learning how to properly set up various materials in UE4.

There was also some concepting done for his hair / head tendrils, but in the end I decided to keep him bald and throw a cowl ontop of it. I felt that if I went for braided hair, I was going dangerously close into Protoss territory, and with partially slimy, and partially translucent tendrils for hair I knew that was going to require more headaches in the shader creation, in addition to having to resculpt the head in order to connect them.

I’ve also been creating some etchings, and capes. The image(s) are a bit low in quality, but that’s because the scene is currently at 90mil polygons, and my comp runs out of memory and decides not to collaborate if I try and BPR the scene.