Jin-roh Japanese Soldier, Mrghoste (3D)


Hello!, first a little explanation:

This soldier is from and old japanese anime movie with the same name (Jin Roh: Wolf Brigade working title, I think), I liked a lot the character and the expression,( in the movie it’s some kind of elite japanese police, to be brief) so I tried as a practice to turn it into 3D, hope you like it.

I did the character very fast, some things were changed, others were not, and I end just creating a quick enviroment.
Max 6, PS7, and VRAY were used!


wow! Excellent work!
Kind of like 2d shader! Doesn’t look 3d at all!! very nice render!!!


:thumbsup: wow! amazing job! It looks like majestic !


Truly excellent stuff!
Looks exactly like the wolf brigade soldiers - even the grimy sewer background is authentic!
Can you post some wires to prove that its 3d? it looks a lot like a 2d painting.
If it is full 3d - then outstanding work!

Id like to see a render that emulates the poster art with the soldier standing with the moon in the background - i love that poster.

EDIT - Ive just taken a look at your site - really impressive work - do you apply a filter to the renders afterwards? Ive noticed the haind painted look on 1 or 2 other renders.


Impressive work. Very true to the original. Did you render then touch up after with photoshop, or were the textures painted in PS first then rendered?


excelent! i love the movie and i love that!


Very cool :smiley: and nice para


Really kinky shader. I was looking for a render after seeing your 2D design, but that seems to be the render itself ? Would be quite impressive. same comment on the Batman on your website.


Cool. I like it!


That’s a very nice pic, definitely looks drawn. Could we have another angle just to see the how it all fits and a wireframe view that would be cool to see how you put it all together? The helmet looks a lot like the helmets in the upcoming PS2 game Killzone in fact the armour style is very similar.


Wow, this is really excellent, very impressive stuff!!
I like his outfit!! :thumbsup:



Looking at this is getting me a dizzy with awe here… my question is, which did you use more? Max or PS7?
Also, I’m an incredible fan of Jin-Roh! It is THE animated feature film of all time…



Thank you all for posting!

About PS, I like to edit the render after it comes out from max, not paint over it but playing with the tones, it’s mostly because it would be real slow to render it again and again if the colours didn’t match exactly how you want them to look, (the water was a mix of vray- refraction/reflexion so it was a lot of render time), except from the color correction, textures were painted, rendered as usual and the retouched again in ps, It’s all 3d

Here are some wires and a previous render just as went out from vray:


Holy crap! give the man a cigar!
Excellent work - front page beckons…


Unbelievable! That is awesome. If this is a quick character and environment I would love to see what you would do with a lot of time. Just great.:applause:


Awesome figure and scene, I agree it does look very painted rather than 3d. Excellent modeling of a very cool figure. Now that firelode mentions it, I noticed that the creators of Killzone probably took a lot of inspiration from this figure, especially the helmet/mask. Very good modeling and render, and I also like the dragon and tank on your site, I don’t like the batman but that’s because I just don’t like batman, the picture is fine.


this is really nice work. it’s been said already, but this doesn’t look 3d at all. it looks like a painting. the only thing i don’t like is the bottom right edge of the wall. it’s lumpy, wheras a real sewer would not have such molded walls. that being said, i have not seen the anime, so this may be the style that the anime is in. if so, i eat my words.

congratulations on a render well done!

[EDIT: oh, and can we see your texture maps perhaps?]


Holy crap! I’m buying you a pizza.


Thats amazing!..When I first saw it I thought you were showing box art that you were using for reference!


This is so awesome, cool figure, great scene, awesome render (but not a hint of 3d in it) and the best texturing! Anychance that we could see a whiteplaster render, too see the scene lit by vray but clean of textures and all?