Jin Hao Villa_Character_3d render and lighting_Roach heist


Just confirming the initiation of my entry “Roach Heist”.
I am entering it both in the character challenge as well as the render and lighting.

I am currently setting up base meshes of the main elements of my scene at the moment and exploring different ideas and composition.
But the main solid idea is that roaches will be cleverly robbing tasty donuts with style in this surreal image.


Exploring some more different shots and composition. But the idea has been finalized. “Roaches stealing donuts”.

Unfortunately you can only choose one final image as the render so I’d like to know what you guys think makes the best composition from these 3. I’ve included a closeup shot as an option as well, thinking that it may show more detail of the textures, modeling and render in sacrifice of showing less the overall scene.


Since no one shared any opinion on what shot to choose, I personally chose and finalized this one. One last element was added and that was the concept of the extra yarn delivery unit at the back to bring more interest to the BG.

Here’s a closeup of that BG element.


Change of idea and ditched the flyers carrying the yarn for now.

Here are some first pass renders inside of keyshot, playing with the shaders and light scenarios for now. All visual elements here are just placeholders and will be replaced with a much more refined model.


Currently sculpting and polypainting the roach in zbrush. Here is some progress


final roach texture, just polypaint, no shaders yet.


Original glazed Krispy kreme wip


Here’s another wip of the elements slowly coming together. Rendered in keyshot.


Finishing rigging and weighting. Now onto posing!


here’s the glazed donut in keyshot, finishing up the textures. Still have to fix the spec and gloss.


Here’s one more last wip before finishing up.
almost done, just need to work on some last minute shader tweaks.


Here is my final entry for both the character and render and lighting challenge.
Also one thing to note, no photogrammetry or kitbashing was used on this one, all elements were modeled/textured from scratch.

Good luck to all contestants! :slight_smile:

And here are some closeups.


absolutely stunning work! :keenly:


Thanks everfresh!

Upon hearing there was an extension I began work on 2 more lighting variations. So here is my final 2 other lighting setups for my render and lighting submission.