Jimi Hendrix - The Guitar Legend, Marcin Klicki, Marcin Klicki (3D)


Title: Jimi Hendrix - The Guitar Legend, Marcin Klicki
Name: Marcin Klicki
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, VRay, Wings3D

Hello, I’ve made this picture for the contest “Myths & Legends” in Polish cg vortal max3d ( www.max3d.pl ) with the subject of “Jimi Hendrix- The Guitar Legend”.

Hi res :


Comments are most welcome. Thanks


hello Marcin , you have made great picture ! congrats and 5*
I like this caricatural style !
plaskacz miedzykontynentalny !


Fantastic work :slight_smile: how much time did it take to complete?


Holy crap, this is great!

It has such an illustrative, painted look. Great details on the hands and face.
I love the background, his face expression and his hair too.
So much to like about this pic.

More stuff like this!

5 stars all the way


amazing work… i don’t know what more can i say… (beside the fingers muahahaha joke :slight_smile: )
5 stars, even 6 ! :d


Great image!!! Is the hair all modelled? Can we see a wire how it’s all set up?


Great, great, great… It’s just amazing. I love mood and aproach to contest topic. The best portrait picture I’ve seen a long time. High 5* for you.


This is absolutely fantastic, best caricature i’ve seen at cgtalk.




 thx you all for reply :)

stefanosoik - hmm i don’t really know about 1-2 months

AndyH - thx i’m glad about your comment im your fan

Dupikus - thx :slight_smile:

 [b]FluKe73[/b] - i made these hairs in 3dsmax 8 shag hair

[b]Hynol[/b] - Big Thx ! :)

ThirdEye - BIG THX ! Big thx for front page, I’m honoured , thx once again :slight_smile:

Sry for my english

here is the pic (first test of hair) :



Marvellous, quality shall lead it directly to CG Choice gallery.


That’s stunning work. The expression, the details, the colours, the lighting… congratulations. Great choice of subject matter too. :slight_smile:


That work rocks!! :buttrock:


Bless :slight_smile:


Very nice! Jimi was only 27 when he passed away. I think he should have less lines around the mouth. Other than that - fantastic!



wow, awesome work.

The rendering is perfect. :thumbsup:
(Can’t get over how awesome the hair looks, too.)


hi Klicek, nice work. you have deliver the spirit of a guitarist :thumbsup: he looks cool to me :slight_smile:


1st class work man, superb effort. :smiley:



After the Eddie Van Halen piece, this is my new fav!!
Love it, love it, love it…



Ty mały skurwie… Jak najbardziej 5 stars. Good work dude.


That’s the most impressive piece I’ve seen in a while. Top notch!


Well ,It rocks and it’s Hendrix, so…, it is a rocking Image of a roking rock star.

5 stars:applause: