Jiggle deformer not working unless direct child


Noticed something today. The jiggle deformer does not seem to work like the other deformers, in that it only seems to work if its a direct child of the object you need it to deform. Most deformers work if they are in the same level hierarchy as the deformed object. Is this a bug or just the nature of how the deformer needs to be set up?

Attached is a file and 2 screenshots. A is set up with deformers and object as children of a null. B is set up with deformers a child of the object. On my end, jiggle only works in example B.



i’ve run across that issue too. In those instances where you have some complexity and can’t put the jiggle directly under the mesh, a connect object that references the mesh you want to deform comes in handy. Throw the jiggle deformer under the connect object and you’re back in business.


See attached


Appears to be a limitation.


Brilliant demafleez!

Was actually trying the connect object before posting, but wasnt working.

I hadnt noticed before that you could choose an object outside of the heirarchy to designate as the connect object. Perfect. Thanks


Well, this was a great solution demafleez…however, the object with the jiggle needs to be cloned (actually 1 symmetrical clone opposite the base mesh in radial orientation)

When referencing an object outside of its hierarchy, the connect object does not like to be placed in a cloner or array. It doesnt generate a clone. :banghead:

I will approach this another way. Really appreciate the help though!


Clone your object with the bend deformer
as you wish.
Then add the Connect Object (after the Cloner)
and put the Cloner as External Source.
Add the Jiggle Deformer as a child
of the Connect Object.



Thanks Lennart :slight_smile:

I have also just got it working with the symmetry object (only need 1 clone)

For some reason the cloner and radial (set to 1 copy) dont work with a connect object unless they are switched to render instances, which of course does not recognize the jiggle deformer.
But the Symmettry object does. Which is odd since its essentially a generator like the others.

But I like your solution as well.

Wondering if you could take a moment out of your busy day to look at my other thread:


Its been one of those frustrating weeks, and its only Tuesday.


I’ll (try) to look at that tonight if possible,
sitting on a train right now.



Much appreciated Lennart–

And your solution worked–seems to be the best way to go. Thanks


In the end, the connect option was not working. Motion was fine but the hierarchy was too complex and the textures, which included vertex maps and multiple UVs on some objects was not rendering correctly.

So, I wound up using the delay effector as a defomer within the hierarchy set to point deformation mode. Produces exactly the same results as the jiggle, isnt confined to being a direct child of an object, and I dont need to use the Connect object. Also updates and renders much more quickly.

Maybe this will help someone else.

Thanks again guys


Glad you got it sorted Joel. Alternately I guess you could have also baked the original object off as well and then cloned that. Should see equal speed gains with that approach as well. thanks for the follow up.



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