Jewelry Image Rendering Challenge.


Hi all,

sorry for the long absence.

A couple of things:

[li]This challenge is ongoing indefinately. You can still submit images now or a year from now.[/li][li]Every now and then the images will be grouped and will be posted for voting. This way we can look at the past voting rounds and see what we can do to improve and outdo the earlier tries.[/li][li]Round01 of voting can be seen here (the link at the bottom of the introduction page).[/li][li]Voting rounds are also open indefinately, you can still vote any time you want for present or past images[/li][li]Please keep sumbitting images (please read the guidelines too)[/li][li]Try to use the Nurbs files, because I see the OBJ and 3ds mesh files are coming up with some smoothing issues[/li][li]Can you outdo the images from voting round 01 ?[/li][/ol]
[li] Challenge Home page: [/li]
The text bellow from the original post is OUTDATED. Please use the challenge website above for instructions.

[li]Voting will commence soon for image entries submitted between 03.14.2006 and 05.20.2006. Any new images posted will not be part of this voting round.[/li]> [/ul]Hi all,

                                         For anyone interested: 
                                    I would like to invite you on a challenge of a jewelry-type scene. 
                                         The goal of this challenge is to use ANY render engine you want and produce a high-end photoreal image. (Ideally the image should pass as a photo). However, it should also be done in the least amount of render time as possible and preferably on a single CPU.
          Priority No1 is realism. Once realism has been achieved then we will look at the render times and see how long (or short) it took.
                                         We will assume that the objects are new and have no weathering (no scratches, etc) and thus no texturing is needed for this scene. A few areas I am interested to see is the transfer of glow between the gold ring and the silver coin (on the right hand side), the definition of caustics, the smoothness of the blurred reflections, antialiasing of the burned out areas, and the overall realsim of the light distribution/ilumination.
                                         This challenge will also serve as a comparison for speed/quality between various render engines as well as a chance to improve skill.
       Again, I would like to point out that the images should be in "Final Quality" and artifact free. In other words ... something worthy for a client to put in product catalogs.
                                     Looking forward to see your results here.

Level 1 Guidelines

                                   FILE (obj - 4.1mb ) : 
               Mirror 1:[](
                       Mirror 2: [](
                       FILE (3ds - 1.5mb ) :
               Mirror 1:[](
                               Mirror 2: [](
               (Note: The mesh for the rings appears to be split for some reason. You can join them back together. It was an error of the exporter. Sorry about that.)
                       FILE (vrml - 3.5mb ) :
               Mirror 1:[](
                       Mirror 2: [](
                       FILE (3dm - 0.6mb ) :
               Mirror 1:[](
                       Mirror 2: [](
                       FILE (step - 0.5mb ) :
               Mirror 1:[](
               Mirror 2: [](
 Level 2 Guidelines (Strict interpretation / advanced)
     1 - 'V' shaped high definition caustic on silver ring [[img][/img]](
     2 - Smooth (non splotchy) glowing blurry reflection on the silver coin
   3 - Smooth (non splotchy) caustic reflection on the surface of the ground plane between the two coins
   4 - Smooth (non splotchy) glowing blurry reflection on the right-hand silver coin
   5 - Glow on golden ring (at location 5) interacting with location 4


Hi Thomas.

What is a *.7z file?
Can´t open it here. Maybe an fbx or obj file would be fine …

Edit: Ah, ZipGenius can handle it …


If you want this to work, you should

a) post it in the appropriate forum -> General Techniques - Lighting and Rendering
b) use a more widely-known compression format such as RAR (I had to download and install 7-Zip)
c) provide the objects in a format like .obj - I just tried importing your .3ds into my 3d package but all I’m getting is the coin ring


Hi Chris,

Thank you for the suggestions.

Uploaded now are zipped versions of (obj, 3ds, vrml, 3dm, step)




here my first try with finalrender2 and cinema 4d.
Scene use dof, caustics, arealights for the emitter and glossy



Sweet :slight_smile: … thank you for giving this a try on Final render … and 27 min is a really good time for this scene.

Did you use blurry (non glossy) reflections for the surface of the coin ? (I see they are a bit shinny) I like to see how FR handles that aspect too :slight_smile:


On behalf of DavidR, here is a try with “Toucan”.
Toucan is a render engine in development (alpha stage and not yet available) for RhinoV4.



Hi all,

Here is an entry from “hdesbois” and done with Maxwell.

I think it has great photorealism ! Quite impressive.
Thank you hdesbois for the entry !


Can you please host is somewhere else? RapidShare is not quite … rapid. Every time I go to download the file, it says Invalid Session.


interesting idea ! I don’t have to much experience with shaders so i will give it a try in 3ds max using mental ray, i really like the maxwell render, but 21 hours, that’s sick :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi ThomasAn.

Here is another Finalrender version. I’m not happy with gaustics. Well after hdesbois
send that Maxwell render, there can’t be better lookin gaustics anymore.
But rendering time is allmost 1/10 so…

I’m cooking V-rays ppt version too. I’ll show that later.

Tweaking time 2 hours. Rendering 2h 32min.
Max 8 and Finalrender stage 1 sp2d.
Pentium 3.2 - 1G ram



No problem :slight_smile: … added a second mirror.


Thanks for entry Larson !
Yes, the caustics are not there yet, but I like the look and feel of the coins.


Ok here is my WIP using Max 8 and vRay:

Render time 7 mins 9 Seconds.

Few questions:

Whats with the huge poly count on all the objects?
There were no lights/cameras in the scene, so I put my own in - is that ok?



I went a little over on polys to make sure the coins have enough detail around the edges because that is a critical area for the high definition caustics.

About lights:
In the instruction image there are two arrows. One arrow is pointing to the small rectangular surface in the front. This is one area light.
There is another arrow pointing to a large vertical surface on the side. That is the another area light.
Please use only these two as lights

There are two more planar surfaces (one on top of the scene and one behind the small light) these two are just reflector planes.


I don’t just mean on the coins, I mean the whole scene - in total it’s 125,000 polys - here’s a screen capture.

Ok, I will re-do my attempt using those lights instead, I think i’ll do that tomorrow.



Hi all,

 This is my try with Vray (Irradiance Map + Light Cache).
 I am not very skilled with Vray .... so this mage took about 14hours to cook and the coins are still not clean enough. I had a slight difficulty making those coin caustics look sharp enough by using IR map.



There is a Nurbs version of the OBJ file included. There is also a STEP file (Nurbs) and (if you have Rhino) there is also the 3dm file.

If you want you can use one of those files and make the mesh as light-weight as you wish; as long as the fine details are preserved (the coin edges and emblem and the rounded grooves on the rings)



Just took a quick test, with no DOF but I would most likely add that in post anyway.

The caustics don’t show, needs some tweaking… :slight_smile:


Those are all some very nice renders by everyone.