Jester, Raphael Boyon (3D)


Title: Jester
Name: Raphael Boyon
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here is my latest work
I wanted to create a cool and colorful jester with attitude. I also wanted him to make you slightly uncomfortable… not the kind of guy you would invite to a kid’s birthday party.
Hope you like it!
Will post a making of and some higher res close ups shortly


Very nice job on this man!
I think you could get him a little more dirty…
But it looks great!


wow! very nice work :beer:


Very nice! The materials are really bringing the character to life!



very cool… nicely done and well executed!


This is pretty cool.

Nice mood.


I think you accomplished your goal, he does make me kinda uncomfortable, but at the same time it’s a really cool design!

good job :slight_smile:


High level of details! needs a lil more contrast otherwise it’s perfect in the character section
Good luck mate! Keep posting


Wow, fantastic work! I really like the expression on his face, looks very realistic and slightly disturbing!


Very nice work.


Impressive model with a good rendering. Nice piece.


Very very nice cloth, Could you share wireframe ?!
Look up you!


Great character ! modeling , light , textures are PERFECT

5 stars :beer:


Thanks guys for the sweet comments!
Thanks for the crits too as they make a lot of sense. I am making a mental note of them for the next one that should be a native American

I will post some more making off stuff as soon as I come back from vacation. Wireframe too. However it’s not so interesting as it is using displacement. I am used to doing cleaner wires for game art or anything animated.

Thanks again!


very cool and amazing job on the clothing


Hi Bohemon!
Nice work as usual!
Love the model, the pose, the textures and the shaders!!!
Can wait to see your next work :smiley:



Thanks guys, appreciate it!

As promised here are more making off views:

Body wire: Sorry for the baked in Turbosmooth :blush:

Lighting rig:


Impressive cloth details!
It would be a great mask to see here at the Venice carnival :slight_smile:

Congrats man just a beautiful model and final presentation, 5*


Amazing piece of work! His face is brilliant: it really makes me do in my pants when I see his cinical smile.


Thanks guys, very much appreciated